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can ya carry your team?

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M8Tricks #41 Posted 02 October 2014 - 03:04 AM

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View Poste4gl3eye, on 02 October 2014 - 09:14 AM, said:

Well with the player quality of Blitz (inevitable as it is a mobile game), good result often means that you have to carry, hard.... "Real" heavies (think E100) are simply easier to carry with as you can be the anchor of your team, while as medium you can only carry consistently if you got a platoon with another similar medium as a wolfpack. TD, well you are at the mercy of your team (yes there are exceptions, but generally)


And that is exactly the reason people hate on the Patton. In pub games, weak teams are common and its much more difficult to prop up a weak team.


The Patton is a support tank - a force-multiplier for an effective team. I just realised that my game above was not a carry, it was support game for the Ferdinand and the M103 that had the opposition heavies scared to move at the top of the map, while my pershing team mate distracted the mediums, and sniped the heavies from the cover he provided.

  • its a great responder to enemies trying to exploit weaknesses in a front line, 
  • it provides quick support to tanks that are being hammered,
  • Its useful for stopping raids on a team's TDs.
  • in some maps it can support flanking moves with its speed


A Patton is best used from behind the front line - it is not as a front line brawler or a tank than should be used to push an attack.

It simply does not have effective armour that gives it a chance to attack safely from an exposed position. it is a quick moving gun that moves from cover to cover, it should only comes out from cover to attack an enemy that it knows is distracted. If it goes to a place where armour is needed and it tries to hold a choke point, it will get penned and it will die.


  • If your team has ineffective heavies that do not push to create a strong front line, you will be constricted (many Patton drivers cannot work like this and die trying to do a Heavy's job); if your push to take a strong tactical point early in the game is not supported with slower moving allies, you will die (same with any tank there though);
  • If your yolo team mates get squashed too quickly and leave you with no-one to support, you will die
  • If your team doesn't move forwards and your heavies let the enemy come right up to the TDs so they are lit up, you will all die to enemy TDs who you cannot even see and if you can't see them, you can't fight them
  • You can only flank if you have help, if you know where the entire enemy team is, or if you are lucky and your yolo flanking manoeuvre pays off. I've had most success in my Patton platooning with aggressive 54 drivers, even a yolo 54 is great to work with. As long as I know they are going to go yolo and if they can at least drive semi-decently then I can help them out by going along for the ride and adding my firepower to theirs while they bounce more shots than I would have been able to. The confusion a 54 can create makes opportunities for the Patton's high pen gun and good alpha to exploit.


I am sure there are Patton drivers out there that are better than me, but high scoring games have been much less frequent for me lately.


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But if two tier IX flank - its all over - I'm gonna sit at home and flank while watching pron - and the best flanking shoes? Someone else's Nikes obviously

If you see Tricks and Dix in a plat, just adopt a BBIC playstyle, you can't win - leave your shoes next to your tank, we'll collect them after the game.

Angoose #42 Posted 02 October 2014 - 06:35 AM


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I often achieve results like this but my stats and win rate are still poor :(


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