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Games and Tournaments

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Games are tournaments are not required for a Blitz Action gathering, but you can run them for more fun! Here are some ready-to-run games and tournaments for your event.


Platoon Challenge:


  1. Form a platoon with another Blitz Action attendee.
    • An attendee may not platoon with more than one person during the Blitz Action event.
  2. Win 3 battles within 30 minutes.
  3.  250 gold for players who manage to complete the challenge.


Get The Medal!:

  1. Medals that must be acquired from a battle will be drawn by the Blitz Action organizer.
  2. The first 3 attendees to get the medal will win.
    • Gold prizes can vary depending on the level of difficulty of the medal drawn.


3 Tier Tournament:

  1. Minimum of 10 participants.
  2. Tiers cannot be lower than Tier 5.
  3. Blitz Action organizer will determine the 3 tank tiers that will be used for the battles based on which tiers are available for the participants.
  4. Players will battle for 30 minutes using the lowest of the 3 tiers selected.
  5. Participants will select the battle where they earned the highest amount of base EXP to the organizer.
  6. The 6 players with the highest base EXP earned from the lowest tier battles will move on to the next selected tier.
  7. Participants will battle again for 30 minutes for the second selected tier.
  8. Participants will select the battle where they earned the highest amount of base EXP to the organizer.
  9. The top 3 players with the highest base EXP earned from the second tier battles will move on to the final selected tier.
  10. The final 3 players will battle for 30 minutes in the highest selected tier.
  11. The final 3 participants will select the battle with the highest base EXP to the organizer to determine their final ranking.
  12. Prizes will be as follows:
    • 1st place - 1500 gold + 3 days premium
    • 2nd place - 1000 gold + 3 days premium
    • 3rd place - 500 gold + 3 days premium


Make your own game/tournament:

You don't need to stick to the games and tournaments listed above. If you have something else in mind, let us know! You can run your custom event once you get approval from us.


When making your own event or tournament, send us the following:

  • Minimum number of participants
  • Mechanics
  • Prizes
  • Estimated number of winners



Important notes:

  • Custom events/tournaments will be subject to Wargaming's approval before they can be officially run.
  • The Blitz Action organizer is responsible for gathering all necessary records for on-site battles (screenshots, statistics, etc.). Incomplete records may be declared void unless if the organizer is unable to provide the missing information.
    • You can use your device to take pictures of the Battle Results on the devices of your event and tournament participants.
  • Prizes will be credited within 2 weeks after the list of winners is submitted by the organizer to Wargaming.

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