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"Booster Slots" - What are they ? Why a Specific Keyboard Control ?

booster slot windows keyboard

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Creighton_Abrams #1 Posted 01 April 2023 - 02:02 PM

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Hello All,


Within the Settings screen, under Controls, we have a number of "Booster Slots" with keyboard assignments (Windows),
e.g. "BOOSTER SLOT 1"  = "LALT+1"

Boosters, from what I understood, were things that you selected before a game, and they remained automatically being activated in each Game you played thereafter, until deactivated.

* What are "Booster Slots" in this case ?

* How do I know what each "Booster Slot Number" corresponds to ?


* When can Booster Slots be activated ?

 I am hoping, that if these activate a specific booster, then when you know your team will win, you can simply activate the Credit & Gold boosters to pull in the extra rewards without wasting the booster if your team is clearly going to loose.... but, I guess, I'm wishing for too much here.... :|






NocturnZing #2 Posted 02 April 2023 - 10:45 AM


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Why dont u try out "BOOSTER SLOT 1"  = "LALT+1" and see what happens?

nghiato2007 #3 Posted 05 April 2023 - 02:08 PM


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Booster slots are the slot where your boosters are stored in 
There are 6 types of them : Combat XP,Elite XP,Crew XP,Credits,Cooldown and Gold
Each of them are one number,for example : Combat XP booster is stored at the LALT+1
In fact,free XP and credits booster should be activated at any time you want.Combat XP and Crew XP are for when you are grinding.Gold is anytime.Cooldown is depends on you(I usually active cooldown boosters when in special modes)

That's all i know.Hope this helps you

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