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New Development In WOTblitz

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Fidel_Dionesio_invader #1 Posted 28 January 2023 - 03:24 AM


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I found out that it wasn't like before, There is a tank rank which is displayed after the tank name and this is obviously a mockery over new and unskilful players, if you have observed mostly new and unskilful players always want to be the best and want to be on top so they dreamed to be on the highest rank so they raised up their rank.. obviously good and wise players don't raise their tank rank because it cause a lot of credits and it won't help you in the game anyways. in other words high rank is an indicator of unskilled players..


There is a very helpful way to grind a tank which is the reality mode, I like this so much because it won't affect your win rate or any of your stats, you can lose as many as you have but still nothing to do with your record instead you are grinding well your desired tank tree.


This is another trick to fake your personal ability in the game, in the previous years there's no way to fake your stats, your win rate will tell your ability but today it's not, because in rating battles you can raised the numbers of battles but it won't affect your win rate so you can raised your win rate even if you don't have good skill for example, when you create a new account, you can play in reality mode to fully train your tier seven tank and then play in rating battles, so if you could manage to retain a 80% win rate after getting tier 7 you can maintain that by only playing rating mode.


But this is how you can determine a real good players, once the game starts, a player moves immediately after the clock starts but a bad player wait for the red team to be lighted or spotted,  another is if the MT tank won't go for the spotting area, some of them drive at the back of heavy tanks, and some of them snipes with MT and heavy tanks, but if you inspect their win rate it's high because today WG have provided a way to fake your win rate,,.. you can only see in how they play..

Mr_Vulture #2 Posted 27 April 2023 - 03:37 PM


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I won't agree with you because it is not easy to get to the 50th rank. All stages require mastery badges, for example, 10th rank requires 15 3rd class mastery badges, 20th rank require 15 2nd class mastery badges, the 30th rank requires 15 class 1 mastery badges, the 40th rank require 4 ACE mastery badges and the 50th rank requires 8 mastery badges with 3.8 or 3.9Million XP. 


So the rank does effect the status of the player and its tank's mastery level.


Even the 1st class mastery badges is not easy to get these days. It require a lot of skills to get 1  class1 mastery badge.  

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