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illogical program, AMX50B vs OBJ268

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Fidel_Dionesio_invader #1 Posted 09 January 2023 - 02:35 AM


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I found illogical in the game, AMX50B vs OBJ268, you can not pen any of the front armor of obj268 using amx50b and you can not flank the obj268 with amx50b because the obj268 has more agility than amx50b, so it means that even AMX 50B is tier 10 you will never win against OBJ268 unless if the player of OBJ268 is not good. but there is one option you can use tier 9 AMX 30B against OBJ268 so that you can cause atleast damage which is illogical because tier 9 can damage but tier 10 can't. if you check the mm of the shell it suppose to pen the front armor  of the any of the LT except t22 and medium E50m it it turns out that even the front of progetto is impenetrable, now if you use HE the only damage you can get is 85-to150. 

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