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Suggestion; Sheridan Missile - Tier 10 T49a?

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Poll: Let Sheridan Missile have T49a gun as 2nd gun option. (1 member has cast votes)

Sheridan Missile to be Tier 10 T49a

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KeoPlaysWOTB #1 Posted 20 July 2022 - 07:48 AM


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I have been thinking, and I have come up with an idea. Since the Sheridan Missile has been vaulted to only be played in special game modes and training rooms, why won't the devs change it's gun to the T49a gun to make it more fun and exclusive to the missile playstyle, as it can only be played in special modes and training rooms anyway. Just a suggestion let me know what you guys think. Personally I would really enjoy it since we would get to see if the t49a would work out in tier 10 and it's just fun to have he missiles and the infinite flight. Another idea is that it could be a 2nd gun option so players can still use the original missile gun with normal HE and APCR shells.

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