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Strategy for turretless TDs?

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RikoRommel101 #1 Posted 21 November 2021 - 09:28 AM


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I’ve been using the Hetzer tech tree for a long time and now I’m at the Jagdpanther. Recently I’ve realized that I’m dealing less damage to enemies, and even using consumables won’t work. My current strategy is to charge and try to deal as much damage as I can before dying. Sniping just won’t work because I always get tracks blown off and sniped by someone else, and I can’t support fire because I always get targeted first. Is there any good strategy for me?

AnthonyIrwin #2 Posted 21 November 2021 - 10:04 AM


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hello, RikoRommel101. Turretless tanks (or, for the matter, tanks with limited traverse) are a handful to use at first. Since you say you have gone on the Jpanther line, my advice would be to take up a more aggresive playstyle then sniping. The JagdPanzer series have good armor -  enough to bounce shots from most lower tier guns - and impenetrable gun mantlets. Their problem lies in their casemate configuration, which will require some learning to get used to. I cannot fully describe to you how one should do so, but my best would be that you play like a support tank - not sitting in the rear like artillery, but far enough that you can reverse into cover if things get messy. One way to do this would be, for e.g. waiting for a one-on-one shootout to progress. you wait for the enemy to shoot before popping from round the corner and fire, then rinse and repeat. this wont work against pew-pew guns, or if your tank is horrendously slow. another way i can think to help would be using the wot PC tank guides found here:

just sort through the categories and find the related info. wot PC varies somewhat, but the general idea is similar
I hope you find other veterans who are more capable of telling you what to do, friend. Godspeed

Diamond114 #3 Posted 01 December 2021 - 09:20 AM


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These things to live by as a casemate TD driver:

- Don’t attract unnecessary attention. Let your teammates get spotted first and draw fire, shoot back at distracted enemies.

- Keep close to cover and duck back the second you think they might turn their guns on you.

- FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY. Only traverse back to egress from behind cover and try to not get caught in the open.

- Limit exposure to enemy tanks and keep your flanks clear. Don’t get shot at from multiple directions.

- Don’t rely on auto-traverse and learn to traverse your tank yourself. This prevents you from becoming too helpless in close encounters and aids in aiming; traverse early to track a moving target so at least you get a decent half-aimed shot rather than having auto-traverse spoil your aim.

- Prioritize low health targets when the opportunity presents itself. A 1 HP tank is still as dangerous as a full-health tank.


On JagdPanther specifically, you should be mobile enough to keep up with your medium or light tanks. Hang back and provide fire support against tanks they can’t pen themselves, focus your fire on anyone the mediums and lights are raining down upon.

Alternatively, use mobility to flank around if your heavies managed to fix the other team in position and manage to hold their ground. Work with mediums to provide fire support and in return, they may help keep your flank clear or help you out when you’re circled.

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