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A bot is .......

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CookieDad #1 Posted 12 October 2021 - 10:15 AM


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At the end of the battle, when I check the stats of the players on each of the teams, more often than not there are players with NO profile, all zeroes. I assume these are the bots...?

Yesterday was very unusual where I had several battles where 11-12 out of the 14 players were bots! Long waiting times as well. Time of playing was around 18:00GMT on the Asia server.


The game was behaving strangely as well, hickups, the shop was empty, and one particular game was just finished and I killed the last tanks, but I was thrown back to the garage. Not the usual battle stats etc. Quite annoying because I was the last on my team, killed the last 3 tanks, and thus should have been awarded the Kolobanov's Medal, but did not receive this, possible because I was kicked out of the game, a split second before the game officially ended??


Anyway, anyone else noticed last night a unusual high number of bots?


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