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Help me with Leo PTA!

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ProAryanGamer #1 Posted 05 August 2021 - 07:07 AM


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Hi guys,

I recently purchased my Leo PTA a few days ago.

I golded my crew to 100 free xp the modules and bought the appropriate equipment. I usually go to spot first by going towards a bush but I get immediately spotted by some LTS or MTS even though I can't see it (I got 302m view range btw). Then I get he or heshed by an invisible TD and boom I'm dead. 1 match I was going up a bridge in New Bay with an E50M and centurion before I could climb the bridge, I got spotted and hesh shot by an invisible fv and got ammo racked and the centurion and e50m were going comfortably. If I survive the first part, then I retreat to a bush and snipe tanks which appear. Then later in the battle when most of the enemies are destroyed or heavily damaged, I get engaged in brawls with them (Ofc hts and tds since the mts and lts get killed early on or they are afk).

Am I doing it correctly or am I doing something wrong. Your advice will be apreciated.

I had a 53% wr in ru before so I thought leo would be a walk in a park since leo is basically a ru with slightly lower speed better armor and better hp. I didn't expect it to be this bad but I have got a 34wr in leo. Plz help me on how to play leo and increase my wr,

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