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Your hastily researched guide to clans in Winter Season 2021

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ARandomSoldier #1 Posted 20 January 2021 - 12:45 PM


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Winter Season is around the corner. It has taken everyone by surprise and clans are preparing assiduously for this main event. Asia server teams are still digesting the news and not all of the following teams have confirmed their participation in the season, so there are a lot of uncertainty around the final shape of the CW scene on the Asia server. However, we all like a bit of top 8 talk, don’t we?


Top 4 from 2020 Autumn


Interestingly enough, all 4 clans have retained largely their core team from 2020 Autumn and it is expected that all 4 clans will participate in the Winter Season.

HLV was the winner of the Blitz Asia Cup, and they would look to build on the success to become a dominant force on the Asia server. A Japanese clan, they have retained half of the players. While their participation in the Winter Season is not certain, they will definitely be causing trouble to teams fighting for a top spot.

GV was the first runner-up of the Blitz Asia Cup. They were a rising force during 2020 and they will be looking to become an even better team following the trend. A largely Vietnamese clan, all the players from the Blitz Asia Cup tournament are still in GV, so this will be a huge advantage for them as they have the same people to work with over the last few months, crucial in building up team chemistry.

-ID- impressively retained all their 10 members from the Blitz Asia Cup tournament. With a core of dedicated players, the Winter Season is important for them whether they can break it to the top spot and dominate the server for seasons to come.

FEAST surprisingly retained many of their players from the Blitz Asia Cup tournament. They announced their hiatus after their disappointing result in the Autumn Season but they have been actively playing in the quick tournaments and potentially training sessions. One might think that they will be back in Winter Season but they have not confirmed a return yet.


The frequent visitors


CATS has been putting a lot of work in tournaments lately. They have amazing results in quick tournaments. Although quick tournament performance should only be taken with a grain of salt, they look like to be a top 4 hopeful coming to the Winter Season. They retained a fair number of players from 2020 Autumn Season but the frequency of partaking in quick tournaments and potentially training sessions will prove to be focal for their success in the Winter Season.

K1NG is another team working hard for the Winter Season. They do not have performances as good as CATS during quick tournaments, but surely with a potentially narrower group of clans fighting for the top 8, K1NG’s chances could still be high.

CALM is a team confirmed for the Winter Season. They were most recently known for being in the top 8 during 2020 Spring and were participants in the Autumn Season. They are strong contenders for the top 8 and their experience is going to help them sail through.

E4D is a team playing frequently in tournaments. However, they have not yet made the top 8 spot. They attempted back in 2020 Autumn Season but this time they would like to achieve a much better position.


The new clans


DUR is a new team which has actively been preparing for the Winter Season. They are a Japanese clan and they have amazing performances in quick tournaments. Whether they can transfer these performances to Winter Season is instrumental to their success in securing a top 8 spot.

-ENT- is a new team led by _Juicy, most recently known for being a member of the CATS team back in 2020 Autumn season. They also have a good run of games in quick tournaments and Winter Season is going to be the stage where they step up and perform.

-GSM- is a Singaporean team. They also have a solid run of games in quick tournaments and Winter Season will provide them the experience to be a strong CW team.

DCGTB is a Korean team led by Frozenn_, who was in -ID- before. His experience will prove to be vital for DCGTB’s chances in the top 8.


To follow the rest of Winter Season, follow me, Wildoneshelper, and some other YouTubers for coverage of the games in Winter Season.

If there are any misinformation in the article, please feel free to message me for clarification and correction! :)

BossArdnutz #2 Posted 20 January 2021 - 10:18 PM

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Interesting post, thanks for the run-down!

ARandomSoldier #3 Posted 23 January 2021 - 05:05 PM


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Here is a recap of the games today:


HLV run



-RN- run




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