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Blitz Asia Cup 2020: Your team-by-team guide

eSports FEAST HLV -ID- GV Blitz Cup Tournaments

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ARandomSoldier #1 Posted 31 October 2020 - 01:50 PM


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Blitz Asia Cup is going to be held quite soon -- 6-7 November. This year we saw an unprecedented level of competitiveness, and I'm sure you couldn't even predict who would be in the top 4. But here we go, four teams: FEAST, HLV, -ID- and GV. If you're new to eSports, or haven't been following the Asia teams (SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!) closely, check out this team-by-team guide to gear up for the games!




FEAST has been the champions of Asia in the Twister Season for 2 years, and this year they are looking stronger than ever, doing fairly well during the Blitz Cup Preliminaries. They topped the group without losing any fixture. Led by Maddoxkkm, FEAST has been brilliant in shutting down isolated tanks and coordinating rushes. They are no stranger to cap disadvantage and they will find a way to punish the opponent’s weakness in the formation. Interesting to note that FEAST favours a dynamic set up, with quite a lot of mobility to aid their late-game rushes. They also try hard in working out the numbers, and prioritise their focus fire.


Top 5 games:

  1. FEAST vs. _LOW_ 2nd game (Middleburg) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)

I have been slating whichever team goes down to the city side on Middleburg because of how difficult it is to defend there, with B cap so concealed in a peripheral position of the city side, and the long and straight corridors. Despite _LOW_ gaining an initial advantage committing to the city side, FEAST has demonstrated how they can work with a two-front push, cuing some flawless communication and focus fire.

  1. FEAST vs. HLV 1st game (Vineyards) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)

Most of the teams will struggle to win with a cap point and hit point disadvantage. However, FEAST showed us that is not the end of the world. Despite being under a significant cap point and hit point disadvantage, FEAST were able to make a comeback with some brilliant coordination from their medium-and-light platooning, as well as some crucial individual skill and wit in critical moments.

  1. FEAST vs. _LOW_ 5th game (Middleburg) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)
  2. FEAST vs. GV 2nd game (Yukon) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)
  3. FEAST vs. -ID- 6th game (New Bay) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)




HLV, which is a Japanese clan, will be playing in the top 4 for the first time. They are known for their strict discipline and their compact group. Finishing 2nd in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries, HLV have impressed in countless matches. They work well in double AMX 50 B, but that is not the only reason why there are here. If you are looking to defend an initial rush from the enemies, HLV would be the team to learn from. On several occasions, they have made prompt response by wrapping around the compact enemy rush squadron and force the enemies to play a two-front war. HLV might not have games that were won via a comeback, but several of the wins come from them punishing the enemies by chipping away their hit points gradually. Certainly, you don’t want to gift HLV your precious hit points to allow them to make damaging rotations in the later stages.


Top 5 games:

  1. HLV vs. FEAST 4th game (Oasis Palms) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)

Oasis Palms is such a large map that a Maus might sound like an unwelcoming choice. That being said, this is the main reason why HLV won against FEAST in the first place. HLV’s Maus baited 3 tanks from FEAST, allowing HLV’s 6 other tanks on the other side in the desert to rush the rest of the FEAST forces, outsmarting them thoroughly and registered a convincing win.

  1. HLV vs. -RN- 5th game (New Bay) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)

Imagine losing quite a lot of hit points at the start of the game from a spotted crossing. That will certainly hurt any team mentally. Did it get to them? Maybe not! HLV did a counter rush back to the B cap, and amazingly shut down the -RN- forces, who were caught offguard. HLV also did some amazing focus fire there, sealing the fixture win for HLV.

  1. HLV vs. -RN- 3rd game (Mayan Ruins) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)
  2. HLV vs. _LOW_ 4th game (Black Goldville) (Commentated by xiyangkun)
  3. HLV vs. B00N 3rd game (Winter Malinovka) (Commentated by Eternal_sinzan)




-ID-, predominantly Korean, is back after being under the radar for quite a long time. If you follow eSports scene long enough, -ID- is the only Asia server team to advance to the finals of the offline Twister Cup, albeit losing to C4. This team in 2020 is different from the team in 2016, but they are still a force to be reckoned with, especially having a strong start in the Prove Your Skill tournaments by finishing 1st in the leaderboard, and ending up to be 3rd in the table in Blitz Cup Preliminaries. Quite a lot of their wins come from coordinated pushes. Their focus fire is efficient while their individual skills are probably the highest out of the teams in the top 4, which means they rarely bounce or miss crucial shells. One cannot forget about their adoration with 3 E 100 strategy, but it worked for them because of their individual skill and focus fire. Cap point wins can’t really be found in -ID- wins, so it will be interesting how they come up against other teams who put more emphasis on cap pressure strategies.


Top 5 games:

  1. -ID- vs. B00N 3rd game (Dynasty’s Pearl) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)

This is the epitome of -ID-‘s focus fire allocation here. They made their trademark unpredictable rush into the city side of Dynasty’s Pearl, catching a lot of B00N tanks in awkward position. The obstacles in Dynasty’s Pearl can impede the rush and set up exposed stages for crossfire, but -ID- does not seem to be fazed at all and they demonstrated how focus fire should be done.

  1. -ID- vs. -RN- 4th game (Fort Despair) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)

This is another great push from -ID-. This time, -ID- is making a gamble here because they do not have a particular numerical advantage on either side of the rush. However, what makes -ID- win in this match is their focus fire and shot effectiveness. They pick up important targets at the start, like the T-22 medium. Their tank choices for this map also help, with their sheer armour to bounce some crucial shots.

  1. -ID- vs. CATS 3rd game (Black Goldville) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)
  2. -ID- vs. GV 2nd game (Vineyards) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)
  3. -ID- vs. B00N 6th game (Desert Sands) (Commentated by Wildoneshelper)




GV is the first Vietnamese clan to reach to the top 4 of a professional season tournament. However, they also boast a long history in the game as well, created about 5 years ago. They finished 4th in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries. GV is known for their fusion with the cap and rush strategies. In a lot of the wins, they win by cap points from stealing the enemy’s bases, while rushing the enemies to divert their attention. Sometimes, they can be seen hanging on by a thread but at that time GV would have a substantial cap point lead. How far will GV reach this tournament? We shall find out and don’t write them off!


Top 5 games:

  1. GV vs. HLV 6th game (Alpenstadt) (Commentated by Eternal_sinzan)

This game is probably the most exciting, yet chaotic game in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries. Everything descended into anarchy when GV made an attempt to capture B, while having another squad rushing the backside of HLV forces. Focus fire might not be the most beautiful here but GV did confuse HLV, and obviously, GV won by cap points!

  1. GV vs. B00N 3rd game (Black Goldville) (Commentated by Eternal_sinzan)

GV got A, but they punished B00N by their lack of defense on C, and at the same time sending 3 tanks to B! This put GV in a lot of cap point advantage. At this point, GV could just sit back but they instead rotated most of their forces back to their spawn, with the 3 tanks on B acting as a pivot. That allowed GV to regroup quickly without taking too many hits, and they came out on top in the end.

  1. GV vs. _LOW_ 4th game (Mayan Ruins) (Commentated by xiyangkun)
  2. GV vs. HLV 2nd game (Castilla) (Commentated by Eternal_sinzan)
  3. GV vs. FEAST 1st game (Yukon) (Commentated by Fugit's Blitz)




I do have to mention a disclaimer here, that all matches that have been talked about occurred about a month ago. There is a huge time gap between Blitz Cup Preliminaries and Blitz Cup. Hence, a lot of teams will have improved substantially through intense trainings.

From what I observe in all the games, FEAST does boast a strong advantage here with their mobile setup and their focus fire. However, the use of mediums and lights can be a risky choice. They do not have a lot of hit points and armour, but they have a lot of DPM and mobility, as well as view range. FEAST certainly has found a niche in this, and we saw some brilliant platooning with those medium and light tanks. Their experience on big stages will be their main advantage, and I believe it is really themselves that would be their biggest enemy here. A sharp mind is what FEAST need on both days.

HLV is a surprise coming into the top 4, but they deserve rightly so with their positioning in chipping away the enemy’s hit points. This is something HLV would want to keep doing. Occasionally, they have some coordinated pushes and focus fire. However, HLV would sometimes want to tighten up their formation. They are at times caught isolated. They would also want to pay more attention to cap points, since there are matches where they look even, if not dominant, but they lost because the enemies got the bases. If they improve on these two areas, HLV should not be underestimated.

-ID- has always been a strong team to fight against. They boast some extraordinary focus fire and individual skill, and they know how to manipulate the hit point pool of both teams. Once again, it will be themselves they have to beat, because certainly they love heavies, but at the same time they can be a pain to play in rushes because of their accuracy and mobility. I do think they haven’t shown their best yet, especially the matches against FEAST. Whether they can keep their cool in the top 4 would be vital to their success in this stage.

GV is a dark horse in this competition. Their play with caps is something that is unique on the Asia server. At times, they made questionable moves which cost them the games. However, they proved that they could make good maneuvers to shut down isolated tanks and catch enemies offguard with their cap point play. If GV can find their consistent edge and improve on their focus fire, GV must not be underestimated.

My prediction is that FEAST will come out on top because of their experience and teamwork, which is the best among all 4 teams. They also have the best ideas in rotations. -ID- will not be far behind and as I said before, I don’t think we have seen the best of -ID- yet, so they can surprise us with dominant performance with heavy rushes, and cap point strategies. GV, if they polish their strategies of combining cap point play with rush strats, will surprise us, but I believe they still have a long way to go to get to the likes of both FEAST and -ID-. HLV will be very close with GV, and they will want to find consistency. They can be leaky but that could be fixed.


Final prediction:

  1. FEAST
  2. -ID-
  3. GV
  4. HLV


Be sure to follow closely to Blitz Asia Cup in the portal here:


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STEEL_Firestorm #2 Posted 04 November 2020 - 08:34 AM


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Thanks for the read. Excited to watch the tournament 

Kenny_Walker #3 Posted 06 November 2020 - 11:43 AM


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why my timer no counting when i login and watch it on asia.wotblitz.com

Koji001 #4 Posted 06 November 2020 - 02:02 PM


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So I watched the stream, awarded 5 keys and there not on my acct. does it take time for um to get placed in your acct?

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