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OP in Burning Games! Jagdpanzer IV

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P36C #1 Posted 16 October 2020 - 09:25 PM


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Hey ppl


I've been enjoying the new burning games mode just released, WG do a really good job with these, but while I still haven't got the total hang of it, I think the key is to keep your HP. As long as the enemy keeps on losing HP, and they have to chew through more and more of your allies' HP, you will gain the upper hand. (Healing damage is half of you usual damage, so fire HE rounds!!!) Basically, damage allies at the same time or faster than the enemies, and more importantly, HEAL your allies faster than the enemy can. This is why I chose the Jagdpanzer IV. Whether you choose the 7.5cm or the fake 8.8 cm, it has simply outrageous DPM for its tier. Personally I prefer the 7.5 for its higher RoF and higher accuracy which makes it much easier to track your opponents, and keep them there for you allies to shoot and get the mother of all assistance damage. Anyway, I tagged behind the rest of my team, and as the heavy tanks and mediums bit at each other, I stayed 100m back and kept putting HE rounds into their tank, which is absolutely freaking hilarious because you can heal quicker than the enemy can damage. Of course, you will drain your own HP as you heal, while your team is busy damaging. This won't matter, as the way I play it, I am a pure healer for the first half of the game. Only if an enemy tank unwisely yolos in, will I shoot it, because it will restore my HP, and it is also a danger to the existence of the medic, in this case yourself. After you get knocked out, you will respawn with a 30% decrease in reload time, and 30% extra dmg/shot, and more mobility. In my configuration, I have about 208 dmg/shot 2.8s reload. Now, you go forwards and finish off all the remaining enemy tanks. On my second life, I'm racking up about 3000 damage in just about a minute, finishing everyone off and winning by a large margin.


So to recap, be a medic for the first half so that your team can withstand the first wave of reds, and take a chunk out of the second wave, and once you and your team mates have lost their first lives, take them on with your ridiculous firepower, and finish them off. Y'all should try it too, the Jagdpanzer IV is absolutely OP. 

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erwin10001 #2 Posted 21 October 2020 - 02:18 PM


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Jagpanzer IV needs a buff.


3700dpm will be just nice...



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