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British Mediums Rework

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P36C #1 Posted 09 September 2020 - 10:35 PM


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Hello Commanders,


So the British mediums, especially the Tier VIII Centurion have been powercreeped (personal opinion  you don't have to agree). The Tier IX Centurion still is unique with its HESH rounds, but oh wait! There was a light tanks called the Vickers Cruiser which has cheap HESH and can actually flank to penetrate those. While I still think the Tier IX Centurion is unique, it can be frustratingly unreliable. The FV 4202, I think is fine. Anyway, the FV 301 destroys a Centurion unless it can use the gun depression, and the Vickers CR is well, a little OP and even if it gets nerfed, I think is a replacement (statistically) of the Centurion 7/1 a little and definitely the Leopard PT A. In addition, the Centurion 5/1 RAAC has entered testing, and is currently completely better than the standard ver. in pretty much every single way (to be fair, it is very much subject to change). The British medium line has potential, but it is currently underpowered. So I propose the following changes. 


1. Instead of the Comet leading to the Tier VIII Centurion and the FV 301, make the Comet lead to the FV 301 only, and create a stock Centurion I (stock engines too) at Tier VII. The hull armor is still very weak, and the stock turret would be about as strong as the Comet's. It would be distinguished from the Comet by having the 17 pdr with high pen instead of the Comet's poor 77mm HV (a shortened 17pdr XD). It would still be an upgrade from the Sherman Firefly, as it will have gun depression.

2. Remove the 105mm L7 from the Centurion 7/1 and replace the Centurion I with it. The 20-pdr Type B would be competitive with its high RoF at Tier VIII, an armored version of the FV 301. 

3. Rename the Centurion 7/1, the Centurion 9 to distinguish from the aforementioned changes. Historically the top configuration Tier IX Cent. is the Mk.9 anyway. Also (maybe) give it more turret armor across the top. The Centurion is all about gun depression, I know, but not every ridge line is a 10 degrees of gun depression ridge line, and the fact that the Defender Mk.1 and the Centurion 5/1 has more turret armor one tier below is not right.


This should get these guys back on their feet. Hope WG considers it :) 

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ownin #2 Posted 10 September 2020 - 06:58 AM


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I don't personally like the cromwell or comet but i think they're fine. Crusader is great, the cent 7/1 is just lovely. It has that amazing gun to deal with hard targets and hesh gives it god like damage on soft targets or when flanking. If you play well and control the fight it'll reward you so much.

The massive pile of fecal matter bringing down the entire line is the cent 1

it's just bad. But it can be buffed. The problem really is that the gun just doesn't do much damage. alpha wise and honestly the dpm is extremely average. Theres absolutely no reason it has to have such a lower dpm than the fv304. If a 304 chooses to fight a cent 1 it just wins and theres nothing the cent can do. 

honestly even switch the reloads. Give the cent 2800+ dpm and all of a sudden all the crippling weaknesses aren't so bad and you get rewarded when you're in the rare situations its good at.

mabye re-look at the fv402 but i haven't played it yet so can't comment

PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #3 Posted 10 September 2020 - 08:29 PM

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Cheap HESH lacks the pen of the Premium HESH but they work the same when they do pen.I can't think of what type balancing factor then just nerfing the cheap HESH alpha. 


On the FV 301 V Cent I it is just the power creep setting in which was made by WG themselves by buffing tanks or releasing tanks with higher pen numbers or alpha. The Cent back then was probably a decent tank to run hell even in 2017 it worked fine but now everything around it has gotten some sort of buff or has just come into the game with stronger stats to compete with the buffed tanks or to make them stand out. Cent 1 just needs a buff to make it work with other same tier tanks.


FV 4202 is decent with an auto bounce front plate even more when angled but the turret needs to be angled  while also moving back an forth to bounce anything as everything will pen the turret sides so if you are not sitting behind a ridge using the gun depression and moving back an forth you are not going have a good time. All though I would like to have the Cent AX replace the 4202 and have to 4202 dropped to T8 like on WOT with adjusted stats even if it means losing the 105mm for a 20-pdr type B also like on WoT but at the moment I'm fine with the tank as it is.  

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