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KaBoC_Juckslasher #1 Posted 06 August 2020 - 03:57 AM


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So I use to be rather active back in the days in the forums back when I first joined the game in 2016, I found a group of friends I love to this day from this game, Ive grown to appreciate what this game offers and how much its actually impacted my life! Of course wotb has its negatives but what game doesn't have negatives though I wont be talking about that today as its not what I want to focus on, what I want to focus on is streaming in world of tanks blitz as its lesser than compared to youtube of wotb. We know many call names like Meadsy, Sk8, Droodles and Anngael for example but could we name in big name streamers? Maybe those who youtube and stream but not the 'just streamers' I am in a community that wants us streamers to be noticed by Wargaming and not just the Youtubers. Me and quite a few other streamers have made a discord community: https://discord.gg/U7dbeG8  which at the moment has 160 members in it and even more following our streamers channels for example I stream Daily in New Zealand at night to 278 followers of course I dont just stream Wotb Content however the main focus is wotb. I have 313 tanks in my garage and I dont give a toss about Wr, I just care about having fun and memeing for my stream, I am 57% Wr but could be higher if I was taking this more seriously as I like to meme too much XD One thing my viewers love making me do is suggesting to play tog so much so that it has become one of my mascots at this rate and I even renamed my "watchpoints" you acquire by watching to spend on tank suggestions and other things, I called it "Toglets" So why exactly am I writing this? Because I want to one day be noticed by War Gaming as a community contributor and not just youtubers. My growth has been rapid and Ive been only streaming consistantly for 3 and a half months now and have seen so much growth and am very thankful for that. I also wanted to write this to ask if any clans out their want to shout out our discord community to spread the word of our rapid rise and so that we finally get noticed by War Gaming. I would like to also get noticed by Feast and other clans like that like Rory and such but those are big goals, I have close friends in those clans but they dont wanna ask for a shoutout because they are worried it might compromise their spot in the clan so If either Maddox or Mecury is reading this It would be greating appriciated if you want to talk about it im Juckslasher in the Feast Discord. Also here is my twitch link if you are interested I play 50% wotb and the other 50% collabs with other streamers or testing out new games to see if people like them https://www.twitch.tv/juckslasher

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