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Nightmare: Halloween 2019 pt.2

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 22 July 2020 - 05:23 PM

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Alright! Been another long time since my last review but here is my take on the Nightmare T5 TD from the Halloween event 2019. Be warned though I was planning on doing both after the Halloween event but got lazy so the layout is in the old version and things have moved on since AKA the T1 heavy and some buffs to low tiers but the core gameplay of the tank has stayed the same.

Short history: A Stug or StuH with a 105mm for dealing with infantry and bunker busting. Its original design was to give soldiers a tank with a more powerful weapon but the time it entered service the Stug had developed into a nasty AT platform leaving the StuH to only dealing with infantry. 



Tier IV: Near godlike anything firing AP at you will have a very hard time to pen you only thing that will send you back to the garage is overconfidence so try and not let it get to your head. Play really aggressive but don't underestimate your enemy and keep some teammates near you.

Tier V: Hull down as the upper plate will get some bounce but I suggest getting to the sides of tanks for some sweet HE damage but if you can't then try to wriggle the tank so that the lower plate will turn red and become an auto bounce zone. Sides and rear will go badly for you but if you have some knowledge you're not going to fall for bait shots like a tank moving in and out of cover to try and get you to shoot so play aggressive but exercise a bit of caution. 

Tier VI: Farm as much damage as you can since there isn't much you can do bottom tier. You can try to bait them into shooting the upper bit of the tank but you're a Tier V they are probably going to rush you.


 Nightmare compared to it's tech tree counterpart: This where I would compare it the Stug with same gun but its tier V and the Nightmare is the only one with a derp gun. All I can say is it is better then using the stock gun on the Stug but a fully maxed Stug will make you eat dirt if it is driven by a player with knowledge.  


Tier I Slot I: CS Tier I Slot II:Imp. Mod Tier I Slot III: Imp. Optics.

Tier II Slot I: SC Tier II Slot II: Imp. A Tier II Slot III: Imp. Ctrl. 

Tier III Slot I: I would run RG Tier III Slot II Tool Box Tier III Slot III: CDS.




Extra Info:

Sell cost: 250 gold

Buyback cost: 250 gold. 

​Conclusion: The Nightmare is not good but it's not bad either just simply play it for some HE slapping fun and considering that it was doable for everyone in the event  and what you get is a nice looking tank model (I mean a Stug with side skirts just makes it look better) but the camo is horrible and would have preferred if it was a legendary camo you could take off or put on.   

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