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Conqueror's top turret

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NukeSpear #1 Posted 16 May 2020 - 08:28 PM


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I've just got this tier 9 conqueror HT of brits, because like they say it has an amazing gun and it is good for hull down situation since it has a paper thin hull armor, however, just right after I got the top turret of this tank, I've noticed that all of my enemies are penetrating my turret, compared to the previous tier 8 turret that I used. The tier 8 turret of conqueror has more armor compared to it's top turret "which is tier 10", it  has a frontal armor around 150'ish, but it is the same turret that the fv215b has which has a frontal armor of 259. It's just doesn't make any sense, it feels like I've been rob 'cause I grinded this tank so hard for many days, learned how to play HT tanks, been through the churchills tier and BP and when I finally got all the modules complete for this conqueror, suddenly, it feels like I've just downgraded my tank even an enemy tier 8 tanks has no problem disposing this conqueror.


I don't know if this has suppose to be, and if blitz suppose to have a different statics with the worlds of tank in pc, because the conqueror's top turrer in pc has a frontal armor of 259. 


I'm not going to lie that I really like the top tier gun of this tank. It's just so hard to play this tank like, I can't do anything. You can't sidescrap it because it has a weak side armor, and can't hull down because when you peek, all enemies are easily penetrating the turret, including tier 8 enemy gun can penetrate it easily without even using APCR, slow speed, huge profile tank. 


I don't know, maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just playing this tank badly or I don't know how to play this, maybe should I play this like TD? I'm doin only 1k damage to 1.5k damage on this tank. I also tried to play this as a support heavy but still, I'm a huge easy target for anyone, enemies prefer to shoot me instead of my allies.


BossArdnutz #2 Posted 17 May 2020 - 04:44 AM

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The cupola is very weak and quite large, so that's probably where you are getting hit.

Best advice I got given about the conqueror was this: it's not a heavy tank, it's a big, slow medium tank. Play it like a medium, try not to get to get shot at, don't brawl, hide during reload, keep moving.

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