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The British MT Identity Crisis

Centurion FV 4202 Centurion 1 Centurion 7/1 Chieftain

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P36C #1 Posted 13 April 2020 - 10:14 PM


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Hello Commanders, 


The British Medium Line is something I've been grinding, and I'm now at the Tier IX with the 105mm L7. Keep in mind this will be a highly nerdy post, but as a tank buff, I couldn't help noticing the names of these tanks. The Tier VIII Centurion, named the Centurion Mk.I in-game, is only in Mk.I configuration when absolutely stock. With the upgraded 20pdr (84mm) gun and the strong turret, the tank is in Mk.III configuration, the first mass-produced Centurion which saw action in the Korean War. Now while the Mk.I with it's ugly turret looks interesting, no one uses it, its garbage for its tier, and I rarely see it, I suppose most people Free XP it, as it's not an expensive module either. No one drives the Tier VIII Centurion stock once they get over it, just rename the tank to Mk.III!?!? Come on WG pretty please? The Tier IX is somewhat more relevantly named. In top configuration, the tank is the Centurion Mk.9, or FV 4015 however, all but one (I believe) of these Mk.9s were all refurbished Mk.7/1s. Therefore, the tank you see in your garage, is what was a Mk.7/1 in real life, but reborn, so I can kind of see why WG named it this way. That being said, I'd like to see it with the proper name. Once you get over the stock grind, no one drives the Tier IX Centurion with the 20pdr. The FV 4202 at Tier X is completely fake in its modules!?!? The FV 4202, was designed to test a mantletless turret for the Chieftain heavy tank. However, this was merely a prototype with the 20 pdr, not the 105mm L7. I really hope they move the 4202 to Tier VIII and install the Centurion AX, which is a lot more relevant, and is actually historical, unlike the Caernarvon AX which is fictional. Hope WG sees this LOL. Anyway I hope you enjoyed my random thoughts typed on a page in an unorganized manner. Stay Healthy all :)

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