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Losing streaks, how they occur in my opinion and what the Leopard 1 is now and may be.

Losing streaks leopard leopard 1 mm matchmaker noobs

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P36C #1 Posted 23 February 2020 - 08:11 AM


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So what prompted me to write this post is that I had a massive losing streak in my Leopard 1 a while ago. I had a whopping 10% WR after 10 battles and to keep my sanity, obviously, I quit playing the tank for a while. Now the losing streak has ended, and I'm back on track, and I started thinking what was the cause of my losing streak? Now, anyone is open to criticize me, but please keep in mind, that I'm neither a pro, nor a senseless noob (at least I like to think that XD), so I'm fairly certain I know what I'm saying. Quite a lot of the losing streak was down to emotional effects imo. While during the losing streak, I blamed it on bad MM, and it probably was for the first few, after a while, you start getting frustrated, irrational, and in the end, you are a complete train wreck. I like to rely on stats to keep track of things, because for better or worse, stats don't lie, they are brutally honest, however it's how you interpret the truth that matters. According to blitzstars, that day of the losing streak I was doing around 500 or so less average damage than I was doing the last 30 days. Obviously, if I was playing rationally, I'd be getting some more damage than usual, because as a Leopard 1, you should stay alive and if your team crumbles, you should be one of the last to get knocked out (unless the enemy steamrolls you). So after all that talking, what I wanted to get across was, while MM does throw bad games in sometimes, it's not MM's fault, it's usually yours, and if you're blaming MM, like so many people do on YouTube for example, you should think about how you're actually performing. The problem is likely you. After the losing streak, I got better than ever before, and my average damage the last few days have been 3000 for some of the days. However this also got me thinking as well. Part of me dying quickly was also due to the new missile tanks as well plus my own irrationality. These quick derpy tanks rush toward you and take 1/3 of your HP pool then run off. While I was able to deal with them for about a month after the arrival of these (block them, burn them down), as more people got used to the missiles, the Leopard couldn't strike back as most of you will know, missiles can be fired from behind cover. Now that the missiles have been nerfed, I hardly see them used and I must thank WG for rebalancing them (they do less damage, so people don't use them I suppose). Now I thought that these new light tanks took away the Leopard 1's spotting ability, but while they have, the Leopard remains one of the few tanks that can burn a missile tank down with DPM when properly driven, and now that the missile fiasco has subsided, you don't see them as much, and the Leopard still is competitive in my opinion. However, the arrival of the Vickers Light 105 to the test servers have worried me. According to blitzhangar, they have about the same mobility for a smaller profile and have 230mm of effective upper plate armor. While the DPM and HP don't match the Leopard 1s, and its penetration doens't match either, this worries me. A light tank shouldn't have armor, and a quick armored tank like this may be a danger to the Leopard 1's presence. While I hope WG will rebalance the new Vickers Light 105, I fear the Leopard 1’s competitiveness may be questioned once more, and I’d like to hear some opinions on that.

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