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Leopard Prototyp A VS Prototipo Standard B

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P36C #1 Posted 05 January 2020 - 01:25 AM


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Hello Tankers!


So I just finished my Leopard PTA grind and I got the Leopard 1. So far I only have 25 or so battles in it but I have 60% WR, and I'm doing quite well by my standards. As my performance was absolutely trash in the PTA, I thought I'd suck in the Leopard 1 as well but no, and it all makes sense. The PTA has 6 degrees of gun depression on a big tank with no armor and while the gun is accurate, it meets Tier X so much that it's constantly the underdog. The Leopard 1 has 9 degrees of gun depression and has the highest DPM of any Tier X medium currently. I am used to playing paper armor tanks but the PTA just didn't work for me. I obviously don't know how to use it correctly, because there are people that can make it work. But anyway, the recently released Prototipo Standard B (which is an Italian design but was one of the contenders for the Leopard 1 program, the other competitor being the Porsche Standardpanzer, later known as the Leopard PTA as well as another design) is getting nerfed in the next patch. Whether the nerf is enough to calm the ridiculously high avg wr that tank has right now I do not know. However, this tank, in my mind, forces the question out of me; is the Leopard PTA clearly inferior? The Leo PTA has 600 more DPM as of update 6.6, but considering that the PTA has to reset its camo almost every time and the Standard B is an auto-reloader, the Standard B I believe has more opportunities to put damage in. The Standard B has 10 degrees of gun depression which makes it very flexible. The Leo PTA, as aforementioned has 6 degrees all around and it has forced elevation on the back due to the engine deck. Very hard to use terrain especially considering that your tank is very lightly armored. In terms of armor, both tanks suck so I won't compare them. Finally, the Standard B had HEP shells for its HE round with 105mm of penetration, like the HEP on the Spahpanzer Ru 251 and the leichter Kampfpanzer M41 90mm. The Leo PTA has normal HE. In WoT PC, the Leo PTA actually has 8 degrees of gun depression and HEP shells, like the Standard B. So WG, don't you think the Leo PTA is clearly worse than the Standard B (other than DPM of course). Also the PTA actually has 100 more HP, but that doesn't make too much of a difference considering the first shot you get hit by will cripple your tank anyway. This is just my personal opinion but I think the arrival of the Standard B has just ruined the Leopard PTA. A gun depression buff will be very welcome WG. When the T-62A has a physically impossible 7 degrees of gun depression and a Western tank has 6, it doesn't make sense. Oh and HEP shells will be welcome as well, though I don't care so much about that. 



STEEL_Firestorm #2 Posted 08 January 2020 - 12:22 AM


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Well, not all tanks were created equal and the Standard B is clearly better, as evidently shown by the lower winrate and average damage between the two tanks. Since I haven't played the PTA I can't say for sure whether it needs a buff. But it has the lowest winrate out of all tier 9 tanks, so that tells me it is under performing. It's up to WG whether they deem this important enough to give PTA a few changes.

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