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The Collectors Corner: M4A3E2 the heavy weight

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 19 October 2019 - 10:03 PM

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I'm back with this series of reviews and this is my take on the old tech tree Tier VI American "medium" tank the M4 Sherman Jumbo which was removed form the tech tree during the whole streamlining of the tech trees.


History: In early 1944 America decided that they needed a new up armored medium tank to fill in the assault role but the newer M26 Pershing was not ready so they used the already mass produced M4 Sherman tanks. They welded an extra armoured plate to the front and to the gun mantlet combined with a new turret. Only 254 of these tanks were built with one in working condition.

Armour: The armour is what makes this tank and is it's main signature.

Against tier V the armour is god like where premium ammo is needed to pen the front but due to it's cumbersome speed and traverse CoDing is a threat so make sure you keep a look out but most of the time the enemy will keep shooting you in the front.

Against tier VI the armour still holds but now some guns can pen with regular rounds so deploy the classic American gun depression to maximize survival or use the armour to push the front and create chances for your team to take out the biggest threats to your tank for you. 

Against tier VII your armour is still strong but now most tanks either carry hard hitting ones or are fast enough to get to your side and rear so hang back a bit and assist your top tier tanks then use the armour to take hits in the late stages of the battle. Only take hits early on if you think it is a good trade but most of the time avoid being hit first. 


Tier I Slot I: CS.

Tier I Slot II: IMP Modules.

Tier I Slot III: IMP Optics.

Tier II Slot I: I would run EGLD.

Tier II Slot II: En Armour. 

Tier II Slot III: I would run IMP Ctrl.

Tier III Slot I: I would run V-Stabs.

Tier III Slot II: I would tank TB. 

Tier III Slot III: I would take CDS. 



Sell/Buy back price:  500 gold. 


Conclusion: This tank was noob friendly and a seal clubber tank as the armour helped noobs live longer and the clubbers could take advantage of it. This tank was a good alternative to the E8 but unlike the M4 before it it didn't really fit the steady progress of American medium tanks getting more mobile so it was cut from the tree and that is what I think is the reason why it became a collector tank.  

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anonym_PrQo5vuMVRh3 #2 Posted 20 April 2020 - 01:21 PM


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It’s a Sherman, I want it. Hopefully it comes up for sale. I love my M4.

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