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I Got an Idea for all the Removed Tanks and Modules (Please Read Me*)

Modules Tanks Removed

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KingTigerThomas318 #1 Posted 16 September 2019 - 11:18 AM


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    Has anyone ever missed the old modules or tanks that were removed during update 5.5, like the 105 mm derp gun on a panther, the FT Renault, and more ?

    Well I did figured out an great and balanced idea how to bring them back into the game but without making unbalanced. (I want to point out that I figured the idea when I was in the toilet XD) How about we have "Training Room Only Vehicle/Module", these removed modules on existing tanks and vehicles can only be used in training room, since you don't need to do too much balancing in the training room like 7 KV-2 VS a single Maus.


    Well I now want to get to the details about it:

    First: for "Training Room Vehicles", just basically bring back all the removed tier 1, like MS-1 and FT Renault, since the realistic battle came out, there are some tanks that are not allowed to be used since they are not realistic, so why don't do the same with these 'Babies', only allow them to be used in training room. I recommend the way to obtain these tanks are either by a special event (For tanks like Mark 1* and T49 A) or just for free in the tech tree. (Well you have to use credits for it's ammo and it's equipment)

    Second: for "Training Room Modules", all vehicles that once had a module but was removed in update 5.5 can now be available (Training Room Only) to be research, but after considering the original purpose of turning a bunch of tanks into Collector Vehicles and removing those 'Gold Ammo' and more new players could concentrate towards high tier tanks and not just be stuck in low tier, I suggest you can only research these modules with Elite Combat Exp Only which means you can only research them after researching everything else. (Also to point out Can't Use Free Exp for this) 


     And for people to don't like this in "Training Room Tank/Module" I got an idea for that, when a tank is a "Training Room Vehicle" or is equipped with a "Training Room Module", the vehicle name would be a completely different color or having the "(TR)" next to vehicle's name to show everyone this player is using tanks or modules that was suppose to be removed in update 5.5.


    This is just a suggestion but WG if your reading this please can you consider this idea I propose, you can change some of the details I recommended. Anyone who also has some good ideas to please add them in the comment section. 

Note: This is my first post and i don't know much about making one, if I made an error please point it out for me in the comment section below.


    Sincerely/Regards (I don't know which to use)

KingTigerThomas318 [BOOM1]



I think i would rename this topic to "I Got an Idea How to Bring Back Remove Tanks and Modules Without Effecting the game negatively", I don't know how to rename the topic so if any of you know how please tell me in the comments section below.

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MrDucky17 #2 Posted 20 September 2019 - 02:05 PM


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Not a bad idea, worth a shot

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