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Windows 10 Fatal error code 0x00000000

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FlankATank #1 Posted 08 September 2019 - 05:12 AM


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Yesterday I was able to successfully complete a Windows 10 update on my laptop. Since the update, I have not been able to load or play WOTB, as I keep getting the following error code:  


Fatal error.  Rendering error 0x00000000: FailedToCreateDevice.  Program will terminate.


I have tried to resolve the problem with both Xbox Support and Windows online tech support and still haven't been able to resolve the problem.


Anybody else having the same problem and can it be resolved???

__GetFunked__ #2 Posted 09 September 2019 - 09:58 AM


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Rendering error will be something to do with your graphics card. Perhaps you need to update the driver?


Without knowing much about your specs or whether you are using the steam or windows store version of Blitz not much I can offer. I did Google your error and found a number of threads from people having similar problems. Perhaps read through those to see if the help provided to them does anything for you.







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