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T28 Concept, really good at current tier 7 meta.

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erwin10001 #1 Posted 13 August 2019 - 05:56 AM


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After 100 games in T28 Concept and hitting 70%, I'm ready to pronounce it king of tier 7 or alternatively, best tank for trolling at tier 7....given the current meta

I confess, I used gold to buy the T28 Concept + T34 bundle. 2 tanks + legendary camo for 10000 gold (gold which I bought at a discount). I didn't know what to except from the T28 Concept because I find turretless TDs really bad in tier 7 and 8, because team always rush n die.



Super strong front armor with weak points to compensate

Less DPM than a BP but a little bitmore DPM than Tiger (P).

Left/Right turret traverse is not bad indeed.

50% faster than Black Prince

Easily circled by fast/medium tanks.



Meta comments

The number of Dracula/62/light tank platoons has drastically reduced in tier 7. I suspect its the amount of Derp guns like Smashers that are discouraging the free-flowing, fast-driving playstyle of light/fast medium tank platoons. If the meta slows down, it favours large lumbering giants like the T28 Concept. T28 Concept is not OP by any means (any self-respecting LT/Medium can easily circle it), but in a slow Smasher meta, it is superb



As a diehard AT2 fan that was disappointed with AT8 and AT7, I have to say that if you loved AT2 but were underwhelmed by AT8 and AT7, the T28 Concept will remind you of the good old days in your invincible AT2 (before tier 5 got nerfed).


Prior to this, I would say that Tiger(P) and Tiger ruled tier 7, but T28 Concept is great since so many people have no clue about aiming at weakspots. Instead, LT just sit there in front of you and you can even ram them! If more people were aware of the weakspots then yes T28 Concept would not be so good, but since there is a constant flow of new players who might never have encountered the tank before, they'll just keep bouncing shots!




TnkDztroyer #2 Posted 13 August 2019 - 08:59 AM


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It's not available to purchase now

Greens 0 / Reds 7 situation normal..  

_RB_33_ #3 Posted 21 August 2019 - 12:39 AM

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View PostTnkDztroyer, on 13 August 2019 - 08:59 AM, said:

It's not available to purchase now


It'll be back sooner than we think. WG has always been like that with the rare premiums in Blitz 

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