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Premium tank suggestion Pz.III Ausf N

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P36C #1 Posted 18 July 2019 - 01:31 PM


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Hi fellow tankers! 


I’m a complete German WWII tank fanatic and I wondered what if the Pz.III N was in game. Now for people who don’t know, the Pz. III Ausf N is a Pz.III retrofitted with the short barrel 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 after it swapped roles with the earlier model Pz.IVs. The gun is the same one on the Pz.IV A and the stock gun of the Pz.IV D in-game. I have 2 suggestions as to how to implement this tank in the game. I understand there was the same gun before patch 5.5 on the Pz.III at tier IV but it was useless so I’m thinking the same gun but balanced.


Suggestion 1.

Put this tank in tier III. Now I can already see people telling me, this gun is too big for tier III! I understand WG removed guns that would be considered “derpy” at lower tiers for a reason. But interestingly, that hasn’t stopped them from selling the FCM 36 Pak 40 a few months ago which has a powerful gun for its tier after patch 5.5. And we don’t see a lot of them out there right? And they don’t break the game, so it should be fine. But then people would say, there’s the Pz.IV A with the same gun! It’s just a different chassis! However though, the Pz.III is a lot more mobile than the Pz.IV and you could look at it like this; the Pz.IV A is the KV-1S of Tier III and the Pz.III N could be the nerfed T49 of tier III (don’t worry it will be a LOT less cancerous, derpy, and salty than the T49). However the Pz.III has better armor than the IV A which is paper so it could have a 1.5X longer reload time than the IV in exchange for armor and mobility. And in reality it must have been harder to load a gun on the more cramped Pz.III. 


Suggestion 2.

Put the tank in tier IV. The gun is underpowered for tier IV, but with its mobility it should be able to get the rear of tanks to penetrate them. However, you might still need HEAT for KVs and AT2s. Now to make up for it’s weak gun and mediocre armor at tier IV, I suggest putting the spaces armor sideskirts on which btw, were mounted on some Pz.IIIs. This would protect the Pz.III N from nasty KV-1s and SU-85s that are planning to land HE on the tank. 


I think the Pz.III Ausf N would be a nice historical addition to the game, but what do you guys think? 


I don’t think WG will see this post but if anyone knows how to request tanks please tell me. 


PS The wheels on the Pz.III look terrible in-game. Wish WG would remodel some tanks.

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