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The Stug III: King of tier V TDs.

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 14 July 2019 - 10:20 PM

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My take on what I say is the king of tier V TDs that you can get your hands on.


Short history: The Stug or Sturmgeschütz originally was created from the experience learned form WWI that the infantry lacked means of engaging and destroying enemy fortifications but at the time weapons capable of destroying them were big and slow not able to keep up with the advancing infantry so a man called Erich Von Manstein proposed that an assault Artillery unit should be used in a direct- fire support role for the infantry. Daimler-Benz AG received orders to develop am armored infantry support vehicle capable of mounting a 75mm caliber artillery piece in an casemate superstructure they would go on to use the chassis of the Pz III and its gear box for the tank. Later on after encountering the Soviet T-34 medium tank and KV-1 heavy tank the Stug would then also take on the Anti-tank role by mounting the 7.5cm Stuk 40/L 43 and then the 7.5cm Stuk 40/L 48. The Stug III G would go on to be the most common model of the tank used during WWII. 


Armor: The Stug III has good armor but only enough to bounce shots occasionally so do not count on it.

Against tier IV tanks the armor holds but most tier IV tanks can pen the weak spots or switch to premium ammo. I usually take on the assault gun role and support from the second line. 

Against tier V tanks the armor will only block shots if they are not aimed properly so this is when you should abuse camo and mobility and only fight front line when you know you can trade HP. 

Against tier VI tanks you should use the camo and mobility as there are bigger tanks and some nasty ones but then again you also have a nasty bite.   

How the Stug stacks up to its rival:



Tier I Slot I: CS.

Tier I Slot II: IMP Mod.

Tier I Slot III: IMP Opt.

Tier II Slot I: EGLD.

Tier II Slot II: IMP As.

Tier II Slot III: IMP Ctrl.

Tier III Slot I: V-Stabs.

Tier III Slot II: I would run En T. 

Tier III Slot III: I would run CDS. 




Conclusion: The Stug is a great tank to drive and fun to play as everything about it feels amazing and I'm quite surprised that I don't see more then one Stug on the team list on both sides but I still have yet to pick up an ace mastery on this tank. Between the SU-85 and the Stug III (I say they are quite similar to each other) I firmly believe that the Stug is the king of tier V TDs but what do you think of the two and which tank would you chose to be the tier V TD king?     


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erwin10001 #2 Posted 15 July 2019 - 12:14 AM

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I got 3 Kolobanov on Su-85 and none on Stug. 

SU-85's bouncy front armor allows it to fight 1 v 1 more effectively than the Stug.

Stug's high speed is less important than bouncy front armor in a Kolobanov situation.

Though frankly, the current state of tier 5 the game experience is all down to MM, whether your team rolls over red team 7-0 or red team rolls over 0-7. 


_RB_33_ #3 Posted 15 July 2019 - 02:58 PM

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I agree that the Stug is a wonderful TD. But if you are going to take a look at my stats, the Wolverine is my TD of choice owing to having a bit more flexibility provided by the turret.

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