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The Collectors corner: M3 Lee

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 08 July 2019 - 04:10 PM

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My take on the old school tier IV American tank the M3 Lee! So anyone who has a Lee collecting dust in their garage take it out and rack up some easy Ace Mastery badges. 


Short history: Design of the Lee started in July 1940 when the US Army needed a medium tank that could use the 75mm gun and with the British demand for 3,650 medium tanks. The tank design was unusual as the 75mm was housed in an off set sponson mounted to the hull of the tank which was necessary because at  the time the US  tank Manufacturing plants didn't have the design experience to build turrets that could house a heavier 75mm gun. The tank was used in the North African campaign, Eastern Europe, Pacific war and Burma. When the development of the M4 Sherman finally started the M3 Lee was used along side the M4 before being replaced altogether and with a few M3s being used by the British against the Japanese.


Armor: The Armor is not good and with some planing you can bounce some shots but most of the time expect to be penned. 

Tier III tanks will have some problem penning you but they all will shot the double copula you have. Only good thing is these tanks you will have at least a chance to bounce some shots. 

Tier IV tanks will cut clean through the armor so hid as much of the tank you can which means hid the left side as the gun is mounted to the right. 

Tier V tanks will do the same so apply the same techniques as stated above. 

​How the M3 Lee compares to the new tier IV medium tank:






Tier I Slot I: GR.

Tier I Slot II: DS. 

Tier I Slot III: Imp Opt. 

Tier II Slot I: EGLD.

Tier II Slot II: Imp As.

Tier II Slot III: Imp Ctrl. 

Tier III Slot I: V-Stabs.

I would run the Enhanced Tracks and Consumable Delivery System for the last two.




Conclusion: The tank overall sucks but its one of the odd tanks in Blitz and having it some what a rarity to be seen in low tier battles make some fun and a challenge to play even now I still have not gotten completely use to where the gun is on the tank.



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_RB_33_ #2 Posted 11 July 2019 - 06:52 AM

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Ah the M3 Lee... It was considered by the majority to be that one tank in the US medium line to be a drag... On the other hand, players who played this and did well are rewarded with bragging rights. For those who still have it, play it like a TD instead of a medium tank since it is a TD with a medium tank label and play accordingly.

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