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Free Gold - Ace Game Competition

Free Gold Aces Masteries Competitions Fun

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Dwarf_NZ #1 Posted 30 June 2019 - 11:48 PM


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Fugit's Blitz is starting a competition on the 3rd of July (two days from now) where players can win free gold.  All players have to do is follow the rules and conditions to enter: So have a go and have fun.

Great Gold Giveaway!
Want to get some gold into your account for free? Well, if you do then maybe you should think
about undertaking the following challenge!
I will giveaway free gold, yes that’s right free gold, for getting a genuine top notch Ace Mastery.
Thats pretty easy I hear you all say, well not quite. I have restricted the tanks that you can use in
order to get your Ace Mastery for one and then I have also added some other rules that need to
be adhered to also!
So what is this all about? Well I have spilt the tiers up and picked tanks that are not exactly the
easiest to play (in some respects and based upon BlitzStars stats). The tier split and the tanks are
as follows:
Category 1: Tiers 1—3 Prize Gold - 1,500
T1 - T26
T2 - BT2
T3 - M5 Stuart
Category 2: Tiers 4 - 6 Prize Gold - 3,250
T4 - Somua SAu 40
T5 - Wolverine
T6 - Chi-To
Category 3: Tiers 7 - 9 Prize Gold - 8,500
T7 - St Emil
T8 - Panther II
T9 - Leo PTA
Category 4: Tier X Prize Gold - 17,500
Med - FV4202
Med - M48 Patton
Heavy - T110E5
Heavy - Maus
TD - FV215 183
TD - Grille
Additional bonus Gold:
Fadins Medal Prize Gold - 1000
Brunos Medal Prize Gold - 750
Tarczays Medal Prize Gold - 500
Raseinai Héros Medal Prize Gold - 250
All of Fame Top 3 Prize Gold - 27,000
Opening date: 03 July 2019
Closing date: 31 July 2019
1. Games must be played from the date the competition launches until the closing date. No back
dated games will be considered.
2. There will be only 1 winner announced per category.
3. All games must be played in encounter mode and random battle only. No supremacy and no
Ratings battles will be considered.
4. Platoons are allowed.
5. In the event that more than one player submits a valid replay in the same tank, the replay will
be shortlisted on the basis of most base XP earned, followed by most damaged caused,
followed by most kills.
6. In the event of no clear winner in the category, then a panel of 5 selected players from my
discord server, shall consider the applicants and vote unanimously on the winner. In the event
that an unanimous decision cannot be reached then a majority decision 4/5 or 3/5 will decide
the winner. In the event that a majority vote cannot be reached then the players can decide to
split the prize gold evenly or take part in a ‘play-off’ in a training room in any tank of their
choosing, but the same tier, whereby the last one standing shall be declared the overall
7. All decisions regarding winner shall be final.
8. Players are able to submit multiple replays for each tier, on applicable tanks only, and can
therefore win each tier prize.
9. Only full replays submitted will be considered valid. Screenshots or other types of evidence
will not be considered.
10. Only replays submitted before the closing date will be considered. Any replay received after
the closing date will be discounted.
11. Only replays sent to my official email (fugitsblitz@gmail.com) or via my discord server (https://
discord.gg/JBba6mF) will be considered.
12. All replays must state the name of the tank, the tier, IGN of the player, server played on and
email address.
13. All participants must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel, Fugits Blitz.
14. Prize Gold for the additional awards are only applicable if they are won in addition to the Ace
Mastery (not stand alone) and in an authorised tank.
15. Competition is open to both PC and Touch players.
16. No modifications are allowed.
17. Re-Roll accounts will not be allowed and all games must be played on the players main
account held on the applicable Server. Players with numerous accounts across servers are
entitled to participate with their alternate account on the grounds that the alternate servers
account was created and active prior to 01 June 2019 and is the main account for that
particular server, without exception.
18. “Hall of Fame” award shall be based solely upon the replay being submitted and crossreferenced
with BltzStars Hall of Fame and listed in the Top 3 on the closing date of the
competition and for a game played within the competition timings. No exceptions.
19. Competition is not restricted to a particular server and all players on any WG recognised
servers are applicable.
20. Competition is only applicable to ‘World of Tanks Blitz’.
21. Any evidence of cheating, breaching of the EULA or breaches of any other official Game rules
will automatically disqualify the player from the competition.
22. All rewards will be be issued no later than 30 days after the event closes.
23. Competition is open to ALL players regardless of WR, Clan or Status.
24. All Participants agree that their submitted replays can be used at my discretion on my YT
25. All rewards will be issued directly to the winner(s) in the form of an Apple iTunes Gift Card for
an amount equal in value to the award based upon the costs as detailed in my (Fugit555)
WOTB In Game Store at the date of the issuance of the Award. Rewards can be used by the
winner(s) at their discretion and not just to purchase Gold.
26. All Winners shall be notified via their registered email address and via Discord (if applicable)
and rewards will be issued directly to their registered email address.
You have a month to get those tanks rolling and do your very best to win this free gold!
Stay safe, have fun and happy tanking!!!

Tanya_von_Degurechaffu #2 Posted 01 July 2019 - 08:02 AM


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How about STB-1?


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