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Hetzer Kame SP: GuP tanks 3 out 3.

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 12 March 2019 - 04:57 PM

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Prinz's take on the Hetzer Kame SP:

Shot History: This tank started out in the anime as a Pz 38t, it stayed like that for most of the anime before being converted into a Jagdpanzer 38t ahead of the final battle against Kuromorimine ( you will see the crew of the tank lowering the Hetzer case onto the 38t chassis). During the final match the Hetzer would run rampant causing chaos even trolling the tanks fielded by Kuromorimine and in one instance the tank wedged itself under the Maus allowing another teammate to block the turret from traversing in order to help the Pz IV get the kill shot. In the match against All Stars university the Hetzer was used to get the kill shot on the Karl-Gerat  siege Mortar fielded by All stars university.


Armor : 

Tier III: The armor is awesome most tanks will struggle to pen the front. 

Tier IV: You can still use the armor but now most tanks can pen the front with premium ammo or pen the lower plate so hid it! 

Tier V: Start sniping tanks now have no trouble penning you from the front only place you can get a bounce is when they hit the gun mantlet so if you find yourself fighting a tank face hug it and wriggle so their shot will hit the mantlet. 


How the tank stacks up to its tech tree counterpart:



Tactic no.1: The tank can front line and brawl when top tier just be careful against some tier Iv's other wise snipe.



Slot I Tier I: I run CS but GR can work. 

Slot 2 Tier I: I run IM.

Slot 3 Tier I:  Using IO but most of the time you will be shooting targets spotted by your teammates. 

Slot I Tier 2: EGLD I tend to move around when bottom tier. 

Slot 2 Tier 2: EA but you can run IA doesn't matter really. 

Slot 3 Tier 2: IC to help with traverse speed but you can use either of the two.

Slot I Tier 3: V-stabs I never had problems hitting targets so I didn't need RG (Refined Gun) 

Slot 2 Tier 3: I use ET but TB (Tool Box) can be used. 

Slot 3 Tier 3: CDS but you can use HEC. 




Crew skills: 


Over all the Kame SP is a Hetzer with a skin as the changes are small but these tanks are pretty balanced nothing is OP about any of the three GuP tanks. If they are all sold in the shop again I would go for the Anko or Kuro the Kame doesn't have anything unique to give unlike the other two.


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No_Life_boy #2 Posted 18 March 2019 - 04:53 AM


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noice report. if you use slight ridges to your advantage it can really angle the upper glacis plate to an extent where even panzer 4's would ignore you


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