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M5A1 Stuart: The M5 Stuarts hot Asian Sister.

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PANPAKAPAAAN2427 #1 Posted 23 February 2019 - 10:55 PM

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Prinz's take on the M5A1 Stuart:

Short History: The M5A1 was the new variant of the M5 series but due the arrival of M24 Chaffee the M5A1 was made obsolete and used in reserves but the M5A1 was mainly exported to other countries including China.



Tier III: Very decent against tier III's where you can get some bounces off the front. 

Tier IV: Not good. It'll struggle but you can still do active scouting just make sure you take on an opponent you know you can win against. It can peek and boom quite well it can even snipe or CoD enemies without much trouble in a top tier game. 

Tier V:Nope. Don't try it. Passive scout is your job now, avoid being hit and find yourself a nice bush to spot an shot from then relocate. I would only active scout if there is only a few enemy tanks left or your team really needs it. 


How the M5A1 stacks up to the other tier IV light: 



Tactics no.1: I play this tank quite aggressive in a tier III/ IV game but when there are some strong tier IV tanks exercise some caution but the tank has some nice gun depression some finding a ridge and peek a booming works as well.


Tactics no.2: In a tier V game I go find a bush and spot for my team who hopefully put in the damage. I try and avoid trading any damage as most tanks will cut through my armor clean so passive scouting or hit an running is more better. 


Equipment (optional):

Slot I Tier I: I ran with CS for extra pen when in a tier V game.

Slot 2 Tier I: Improved Modules (I shall shorten it to IM) to help reduce module damage. 

Slot 3 Tier I: Improved Optics (OP) no need for a camo net on a light tank (I would put it on if WG gave us Bino's back!).

Slot I tier 2: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive( EGLD) to help with the hit and run gameplay during tier V games.

Slot 2 Tier 2: Improved Assembly (IA) Toss up between the two choose one that helps you the best. 

Slot 3 Tier 2: Engine Accelerator (EA)speed is what will help keep you alive in a tier V game. 

Slot 1 Tier 3: I ran with V-stabs based the fact that I like to shoot things on the move.

Slot 2 Tier 3: Chose any one that suits you. 

Slot 3 Tier 3: Again chose any one that suits you. 


Consumables I use: 

Provisions I use:


Crew skills: 

I would train some light tank crew skills but  right now I'm training TD crew skills while I'm grinding the Chinese TDs. 

How I grinded the tank: 

1. Top turret.

2. Top gun.

2. Top engine.

3 Top tracks. 


Over all the M5A1 is fun and fairs much better after the low tier wipe out and nerfs then her American sister with the auto loader or is it an auto cannon?


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TnkCmndrToo #2 Posted 24 February 2019 - 02:56 AM

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Nice work mate, good guide! I personally find neither the M5A1 or its auto cannon friend the M5 Stuart particularly scary, I think that they aren't particularly strong tanks. When used correctly, though, they can be a force to reckon with. Keep the guides coming :)

__ForGlory__ #3 Posted 24 February 2019 - 10:46 AM


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Nice guide - can I request the Crusader next?

No_Life_boy #4 Posted 25 February 2019 - 02:18 AM


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the title makes me uneasy

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