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Equipment slots in tier 3

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Dangerous_when_Sober #21 Posted 12 January 2019 - 10:32 PM


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Pay for the premium camo - shattered ice. Saves money at high tiers if you are going to grind a tier VIII or IX - a lot of battles.

Every time I get a new tank, I unlock up to GLD and buy the camouflage.

Dont sell tanks if you can avoid it. You slowly accumulate garage slots and can buy them.

Grind multiple lines at once. The lower tiers make more credits, overall you progress more and are less credit limited since low tiers are cheaper.

Tier V ised to be the best earning tier since it meant more wins and better credit ratios. Since 5.3,update, maybe tier VI is better.

A tier VI premium like the SU100Y with shattered ice camo, or t35-85 Victory is ideal.

If there is a tank you REALLY like, you could enrich it permanently. But beware- WG might nerf it.

I pay for a premium account (a year was discounted when they released 5.3 or 5.5, cant remember which). I figure it is like a subscription to support game. But post 5.3 Matchmaker and gutting of low tiers has me wondering if i will do this again.

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