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New Tech Tree Changes

no just no why? tech tree change

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20Pho7 #1 Posted 23 October 2018 - 09:51 AM


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Alright, so I'm 100% sure I am not the only one who hates this tech tree change. Many players, new and old have voiced their concerns and WG simply says "Aight lemme hit you with some gold", which is a decent bribe. However, that is what it is. A bribe. I will still partake in this gold extravaganza but that doesn't mean this change is welcome. Thousands of others and I are doing this willingly but very reluctantly. I love this game, I really do. I have probably more than 1000 hours clocked on this game but I do not want this to happen. WG says they speed up the grind and they are not wrong. Doesn't that mean though that there will be more 'novice' players in higher tiers, who are not ready to play a tier 10 game? Damn, I have 15k battles and a 54% WR and I still can't grab a hold of Tier X very well. There are so many negatives compared to positives with this change. I could list it here


- Speeds up the grind, making the game more appealing to newer players



- Disappoints the existing player base

- Lack of dynamic gameplay with only 7 possible tanks to go against each other in tiers 1-3. This would bore the newer players. Plus, this is one of the marketing points, isn't it? When you click on the game in the App Store/Google Play Store, one of the slides say "more than 350 tanks to play from!" (something like that). Considering 1/7 of the tanks will not be easily accessible and available ruins the talking point. 

- More novice players in Tier X making the existing player base more toxic than it is tbh.

- Seems like a money grab to make tech tree tanks future event tanks doesn't it? We all see it, we players are not stupid.


Feel free to add more positives and negatives. I have an open mind.


Point is, at the end of the day WG will be happy to let players sell collector tanks for 50-1500 gold if they get back 2x as much in the future when or if the tech tree tanks come back around. It seems like a money grab and it is a bit insulting to the players if they care more about paper than people. It seems corrupt and isn't right. Imagine if they did this in the PC variant. How would the PC players feel? The community in PC is so much larger and I KNOW they will be more than outraged if this happened to their game. So why don't they treat us Blitz Players the same? Why don't we get to have a say in what is happening with the game that WE play! We fund WG (no matter to what degree) and I think we should have a say on this issue. Ideally, we want this to not happen at all but we, the players both young and old seem to have lost all hope in the game and just given up on fighting. It's saddening.


I also want to say that it feels like that we, the paying and loyal customers of the game are being played. They think we are stupid and we are completely oblivious to them. They see us as customers where we can get money from (which is true) but they also need to see us as people. AgingJedi (MarkGFL) from PC even quit being a contributor because of the treatment we get as people. He made a video on it but why is it relevant? It's relevant because he felt that the point of being a contributor is useless. Take Bushka, Sk8xtrm and Meadsy69. They are contributors and they are meant to not only provide reviews but also test the vehicles before they are fully launched. I have a feeling the people at WG are like "yeah we'll look into it" and put on their sunglasses and dive into the pool of roubles that they swim in with money in one hand and a Margherita in the other. You see what I mean? 


That was a bit of a rant but I hope some of you understand and I'm not too try-hardy. I'm glad you read all of this if you managed to and appreciate your time reading this.



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Dangerous_when_Sober #2 Posted 23 October 2018 - 10:08 AM


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Yeah, agree.

The motivation seems to be to sell existing tanks for cash and to encourage noobs to invest more time in the game before getting slaughtered at high tiers - banking on the idea  “sunk costs” principle will keep them in game.

FireRadical #3 Posted 23 October 2018 - 10:55 AM


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welp they totally got the wrong idea somewhat... the actual problem is lack of information. One of the youtubers (i believe was sk8) did ask some of the newbs (mostly newbs theres a chance some may have been rerollers lol). The responses were largely lack of information and issues with sealclubbing. Ya wg did try to tackle tht sealclubbing issue but was pretty much incurred the wrath of those who paid the money. Then again, those are changes to low tier premium tanks, which arent tht costly if u compare to the higher tiers. hehehe... imagine the chaos if wg actually did tht lol. Anyway... overall, im surprised they actually nerfed prem tanks for the second time, even after getting smashed hard back in the early days of WOT PC. 


for those who dun understand what is all the fuss about this video sums it all. It may have been quite a while back the the youtuber shares some of the sentiments with us peeps here :3


Good luck on the battlefield! May RNGesus be with you.

From your average mate,


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