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Q&A. Maps.

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MaXStyler #1 Posted 18 September 2018 - 12:25 PM


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here is some answers from our dev team.


Q: Are you going to introduce bigger maps? 
No such plans for the closest future, but we will surely run some inner tests. Main reasons against are: worse performance and graphics (current textures will be applied to bigger area) and drastic changes to the well-known gameplay (different fire ranges, spotting etc.). 


Q: Tell us main requirements to be met while creating new map. 
 The first category to stick with is macro-gameplay: 
- Covers and places for every type of vehicles. 
- New components (setting, gameplay, objects).
- First-time spotting positions. 
- Basic positions reach timing. 
- Landmarkers, roads - some objects that can be used for orienting. 
- Areas to drop capturing zones. 
- Essential "gameplay" vegetation that is actively used by players. 
- Spawn areas. 


- Tuning capture areas. 
- Non-essential vegetation. 
- Roads. 
- Destructible and decorative objects. 
- Spotting timings. 
- Positions for tanks considering their depression angles. 
- Positions for tanks considering their roles and specs. 


Q: Describe typical map development process. From the idea up to prototype and release. How many time does it usually take? 
The record-holder is Naval Frontier that was developed from scratch  in 6.5 months. Such maps as Himmelsdorf or Canyon took longer - more than a year. 
Everything starts from designer's idea, from the gameplay idea, to be specific. Then setting is discussed and schematics is drawn. Afterwards, the process comes to the map editor. 


Q: What about historical maps, or maps inspired by historical events? 
 If everything goes as planned you'll see such a map later this year. If we're talking about regular introduction of such maps, there are several reasons against. First of all, we can face historic inaccuracy that can be considered by players (and even some of the devs) a big issue. Secondly, such maps set limits on the map itself as well as its gameplay. 


Q: What about Easter Eggs? How and when are they added while designing maps?
 There is no some specific plan for adding Easter Eggs. Moreover, map devs work on Easter Eggs exceptionally on a voluntary basis, so actually they create them during coffee breaks (smile)
As for the process itself - as always, it starts from the idea and discussion up to realization. As you can see we work even with the craziest ideas))


Q: Do you port maps from the WoT PC or make them from the scratch? 
 Every map in WoT Blitz is made from the scratch. Of course, some of them are inspired by maps from WoT PC (such as Himmelsdorf and Mines). 


Q: What about more asymmetrical maps? 
 We're trying to make maps more asymmetrical, but it's quite a challenge since some positions and capture areas become imbalanced. So we have to add more objects and spots - but here's the point when map starts to get more symmetrical. Worth mentioning that asymmetrical maps are most imbalanced as well. 


Q: Have you considered making map creation tools public available? 
At some level it actually is available. We send it to candidates that apply for map dev position as a test task to evaluate their skills. I think we can talk this over with our technical director and make it available for everyone. 


Q: Are you going to add 'slowly-destructible' covers, that take several shots so that after each shot cover provides less protection? 
This feature is quite hard to implement. We have tools, but no vision how exactly it should be done. It can be very demanding in terms of hardware. So it's more likely 'no', than 'yes'. However, we'll keep on experimenting.

Creighton_Abrams #2 Posted 13 January 2019 - 01:10 PM

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Ever considered a VR implementation ?

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