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New Zealand/ Aussie Ping happens just as the 5X Xp event happens :/

X5 5X exp xp ping

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JuckslasherZ #1 Posted 11 May 2018 - 02:48 AM


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So I have been told and checked myself that an event making all tanks get X5 xp is on....seems rather inconvenient with this whole internet/cable issue that is happening and I have seen multiple of my clans tickets trying to explain that they are having an issue with ping being constantly 300-350 ping but getting stupid replies like "Must be your ISP" or "Even if other other players have reported the same issue check your ISP" that kind of Bull, So why did this event start mid may through many people complaining about unplayable internet conditions. I rather hold off on playing to keep my WR solid than to play just for the five times experience and fail horribly because the server is weak as chips. I hope that both the winners event plus X5 xp is extended or postponed temporary because if they aren't then we did up for living in the Oceania region which sucks [edited]. 

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lotharn #2 Posted 11 May 2018 - 05:27 AM


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Seems to be a major bottle neck in telstra global network today. I normally get a ping of around 150ms in New Zealand but today it has been around 270ms.  It would be great if Australia / New Zealand could get our own Blitz server

Here is a ping plot showing the network path and bottle-neck:



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teysanook #3 Posted 11 May 2018 - 05:59 AM


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Here is your previous post which is still related to your content in this topic. So I will close this thread.

If you would like to continue the conversation, please continue in the old post.


Thread closed.

~ teysanook

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