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การแข่งชิงชัยชนะเลิศฤดูกาลใบไม้ผลิประจำภูมิภาค Asia

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teysanook #1 Posted 17 April 2018 - 08:16 AM


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The end of the month promises to be intense!


From April 27 through April 29, players from all over Asia will be able to take part in the Asia Spring Season Championship—an exciting and action-packed online tournament with valuable rewards.


Hurry up and gather your team—registration will start soon!


General information

The tournament will be held in a Single Elimination format. Battle format—Best of 5 (up to three victories). Finals format—Best of 9 (up to five victories).


Vehicle tiers: IX–X.


Registration period: from April 20, 9:00 (UTC +8) through April 27, 12:00 (UTC +8).


Tournament period: April 27–29.


Control mode: touch.


Maximum number of teams: 64.


Number of players in a team: 7 regular players, 2 reserves. The minimum number of players needed to start a battle is 5.


The full text of the tournament regulations.


Tournament schedule and maps


  •  1/32*: April 27, 20:00 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Oasis Palms, Fort Despair, Canyon.
  •  1/16*: April 27, 20:45 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Mayan Ruins, Dynasty's Pearl, Oasis Palms.
  •  1/8: April 27, 21:30 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Canal, Dead Rail, Canyon.
  •  Quarterfinals: April 28, 20:00 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Port Bay, Castilla, Fort Despair.
  •  Semifinals: April 28, 20:45 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Naval Frontier, Canal, Port Bay.
  •  Match for 3rd place: April 29, 20:00 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Fort Despair, Dead Rail, Dynasty's Pearl.
  •  Finals: April 29, 20:45 (UTC +8).
    Maps: Castilla, Oasis Palms, Canyon, Naval Frontier, Dead Rail.


* These stages can be skipped if there are not enough teams registered for the tournament.


Finals will be live streamed on April 28 and 29

Who will make it to the Top 8 and receive valuable rewards? Who will win the Asia Spring Season Championship? Watch the intense battles live!


Streamer: PKOnBlitz_YouTuber.


April 28, Quarterfinals and Semifinals:



April 29, Match for 3rd Place and Finals:





The greater the number of teams that participate in the tournament, the greater the prize pool!


When the number of teams registered for the tournament is 32 and more:


  • 1st place—4,000, 17,156,250, and 68,750 Spare Parts per team.
  • 2nd place—3,200, 13,343,750, and 50,000 Spare Parts per team.
  • 3rd place—2,800, 10,675,000, and 35,000 Spare Parts per team.
  • 4th place—2,500, 7,625,000, and 21,000 Spare Parts per team.
  • 5th–8th places—2,200, 5,718,750, and 12,250 Spare Parts per team.


When the number of teams registered for the tournament is between 16 and 31:


  • 1st place—2,250, 10,293,750, and 41,250 Spare Parts per team.
  • 2nd place—1,650, 8,006,250, and 30,000 Spare Parts per team.
  • 3rd place—1,350, 6,405,000, and 21,000 Spare Parts per team.
  • 4th place—1,125, 4,575,000, and 12,600 Spare Parts per team.
  • 5th–8th places—900, 3,431,250, and 7,350 Spare Parts per team.


We wish all teams luck. Rewards are waiting for the winners—get ready for battle!

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