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Tortoise power creeped

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nicholasaudy #1 Posted 12 March 2018 - 03:05 PM


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I loved the British line, even though so many people despise the AT series i loved them! The combination of a fast firing gun and pure armor is fun for me. Even the horrendous AT8 is playable for me, however the fun stops at Tortoise. This thing is literally a soap bar with tracks. All tier 8,9,10 can penetrate this thing frontally, because the armor is VERY bad. The loader and the gunner are always injured because both of them are located at the weak spot of this tank. No matter how far i angle this thing, they can always pen me from the front. The gun? Pure rubbish, you have a very high dpm but ALWAYS roll low on RNG. The damage says its 400 alpha on AP but in reality it's always 360-380, sometimes it even reach as low as 330.The pen is also garbage since you can't even pen tier X tank in a friggin TD! Even TD in tier 8 have more pen then you.  What's the point of even using this piece of garbage anymore? Jagdtiger have more DPM, more ALPHA, and workable ARMOR. The ISU series have massive alpha and super camo. Can someone please help me on this thing? 

bigben21 #2 Posted 12 March 2018 - 05:39 PM

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I love the tort. Pure dpm monster.


Don’t play it on the flat. Use slope and its gun depression. When play on slope one can get a few bounces in a tort. Very good at snap shots. Slide down after firing. When on flat ground, sidescrape. Make sure u move with the hts. U can’t catch the mts and lts and will be left alone.


Bushka or Sk8tmx has got a very good video on the tort. Check it out.

f1reguy #3 Posted 12 March 2018 - 06:39 PM

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I know what ur saying, watch bushkas vid on it, yes it’s another ammosponge, but it’s a stepping stone to the 183...I have seen a lot of tortoise, sadly that means there will be a lot more deathstars soon. As if there wasn’t enough. Go into blitzstars and look at the amount of tortoise drivers there have been in the past 90 days in tier 9 td comparison. Tier ten will be one of the nastiest 60 second games ul ever experience soon. Tortoise for me isn’t fun, but lots are getting 70% in it, so fair to assume due to the lack of upgrades available it’s driver based success. 

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