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Matilda BP Lore

Matilda Black Prince Lore

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Matilda BP Lore


Ah, how peaceful. The war has ended 40 years ago, here I am, enjoying my time as a shoe maker. As I was making a special shoe requested by a customer from Fulham, I hear the door slam hard. Only one person in the world can open the door that loud. 


"Grandpa Adam!" Shouted Abel, running towards me.


"Abel, don't run inside Grandpa Adam's shop. A true gentlemen will never run in public." Scolded Maisie.


"Now, now. Don't be too harsh on your son, Maisie". I hugged and gave my cute grandson a little cheek pinch. "So what brings you here?"


"We were on our way back from groceries. And Dad, stop spoiling Abel."


"I promise I won't spoil him". I winked at Abel, and he winks back at me. 


"Grandpa, I heard from Mommy that you a rather unusual tank. Can you tell me about it please?"

"Well, why not? Sit down and I'll tell you."


Maisie head towards the kitchen. "I'll make some tea for both of you."


"Now who's spoiling who?" I teased


"Dad, stop it." Frowned Maisie. Abel giggled. 


"Alright then. Now, for the story. The story of this unusual tank. It all started in the Summer of 1943."



"Major Adam, have you heard of a rumour that we're getting a new tank?"

"I certainly did Bates. And that rumour is true. But I believe the tank isn't to your liking Bates. It doesn't even go above 25km/h."


"Watch your language Bates. We don't want those posh officers to see you swearing do we?"

"No sir. But wouldn't you be one of them sir?"

"Oh Bates, I may be a Major, but don't put me into the same category as those lads."

"Sorry sir."

"Now let's go and find Davis and Wayne. Davis is going to like the new tank. It can shoot faster than those da*n panzers."



March 1943. We we're ordered to attack the Mareth Line in Tunisia. Built by the French in anticipation of the Italian invasion, which never happened as the Italians only declared war against the French a few days before the armistice. Basically, it was pointless. Seriously, the only thing the French can do is make great food and wine. That's literally it.


Called the 'Maginot Line of Desert',  This defence line is a tough nut to crack. The Germans and Italians occupied it after the Vichy retreated in Tunisia, reinforcing the da*n place with latest German engineering. Miles of barbed wire,  countless bunkers and pillbox. You mention it, they have it.


"Major, it seems like a reckless operation to me sir."

"Don't worry Bates. Where there's a will, there's a way. You better make sure the gun is in tip top condition Davis."

"Sir! It will always be ready! Just give out a command, and the gun will roar sir!"

"Hold your horses now Davis. Make sure you point the gun at those Jerries."

"What about Italians sir?"

"Who cares about those pasta addicts. They can make love but not war. Did you know? The Italians declared war on us because we couldn't tell the difference between fettuccine and spaghetti."

"Aren't they the same sir?"

"Apparently not Wayne. But they're both pastas. That's for sure."

"I must say, that's the most stupid reason I've ever heard sir."

"It's only a joke. Just focus on loading those shells. Make sure we deliver them properly. I'm sure the Italians would be glad to have some."

"Yes sir!"

"Right. Start the engine Davis. Time to move."

"Sir! "



The assault on the Mareth Line started. The Germans were prepared as usual. They even prepared those Panzers to greet us. 


"Blimey! They even prepared Panzer Mk IV! I can see at least 20 sir!"

"Calm down Bates. Jusy drive towards that bunker over there. We have to make sure our lad arrive at the enemy in one piece."




"My King! One of our Matilda is down! I hope those lads bailed out in time. Davis! Just shoot for Gods sake!"

"Shut it Bates, and drive us closer towards them. Davis, shoot when you can see the face of the ebemy commander. Make each shot count."





"Another Matilda down! That makes it 21 in total! I don't really feel alive sir."

"We all have that feeling Bates. I promise to invite you to a tea party when the wars over."

"Sir, we've reached the 300m spot."

"Thank you for reminding us Wayne. Suppress fire! Support the infantries so they can storm those da*n line!"

"Yes sir! Time to enjoy the shooting Wayne. Load then as fast as you can say 'holy sh*t'."

"Sure thing Dave!"


We set our sight on the first Mk IV we see. 




Poom!  Poom!  Poom! 


"Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!"

"Wayne, shut up."

"Sorry sir."


We hammered that poor Mk IV mercilessly. The 4th shot hits the engine and the tank burst into flame, burning everyone inside. 


"Good gosh! This tank fires so quickly! If only our Cromwell's can fire just as fast. Speaking of Cromwell, where the hell are they?"

"Don't worry. Those lads apparently found a way to go around the Mareth Line, just like how the Germans did with the Maginot Line. Ironic really. The 'ligne Maginot du désert'. Maginot of desert indeed."

"I only know the word f*ck. Excuse my french sir. But I must say, the French do mess things up as usual."

"That's not french Bates, but I'll pretend I didn't hear it. Speaking of Cromwell, they just arrived. Let's silence those bunkers to make our job easier."




After hours of fierce fighting, the Mareth Line has fallen. We took a rest near one of the bunkers, drinking Schnapps made by the previous occupants.


"We should name our tank while we're at it sir."

"And what should we name this state of art like tank?"

"Black Prince? It sure does stand out from the other Matilda's."

"That will do. Matilda Black Prince it is."



"And that's the story of the unusual tank. It did stand out from the others."

"Where are the others Grandpa? Do you still meet them?"

"Oh, I wish I could Abel. Oh, I hear a customer coming in. Just wait here for a while."

"Okay Grandpa."


I walked to the counter to greet my customer. 


"Hello sir. Ah, yes. The special shoe request from Fulham. It is done sir."

"No need to call me sir, Major."


I look up to take a good look at the customer. 


"Bates? Is that you?"

"You finally recognised me sir. Oi lads, I told you it's Major Adam!"

"Wayne? Davis? Why are you here?"

"For our long overdue tea party sir."


I laughed. 


"Alright, come inside the room. Let's tell my Grandson more stories about us. Abel, meet Bates, Wayne, and Davis."

"Wow! Is it true that you fought with my Grandfather?"

"Sure did kid. And he relied on my driving skills to survive."

"No bias please Bates."

"Have you heard the story of your Grandpa slipping into the mud?"

"Wayne.... "

"Really? Grandpa, is it true?"


Maisie comes out from the kitchen with teas and chiffon cake. 


"I'm sorry Dad. Looks like I made too much this time. Oh, a guest? Perfect timing."

"Looks like we'll have a lot of storues to tell sir."


I saw Davis smile. 


"Oh God. Just go easy will you?"

"We'll see about that sir."


I smiled. Looks like I'll enjoy this tea party. 



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