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Shinobi Lore


"It's done. We made it."


As soon as I heard those words, I rushed out onto the testing field to see the finished artwork. My god, it looks glorious. The Type 5 7.5cm Tank Gun was to be used on the Type 4 Chi To, but it needs to see how effective it is against those Shermans. In other words, this tank was made as a testing for the new gun. The armor is 75mm on the front, which doesn't sound much but is better than those Chi Ha's and Chi He's. 


An engineer stood next to me, explaining the strong point of thus tank. "With this new gun, it should reliably penetrate those Shermans even at the front. Not only that, we also made the shells more cost efficient while not reducing the shell strength. With this, the Imperial Army should hold out on its own in the pacific while giving a headache to those Americans". I nod as I hear all the strong points. 

"Ah, but one thing. Since we're using a new prototype turret that is planned for Type 4 Medium, this tank is a bit on the slow side. And the armor is still thin on the side and rear. Tight on the budge, and with those Americans bombing 24/7, we are losing factories more than we can build a new prototype. Oh, and the lack of fuel and steel worsen things".


"It can't be that bad. So long as we can penetrate those Shermans reliably, I have nothing else to say". As soon as I said that, I received an order from the Army. Our next stop is Manchuria. Apparently, there's a movement around the Soviet border. Dumb army only cares about their reputation so they never retreat to shrink the frontline. F*ck the kuso generals. I even doubt that the new prototype can hold against the Soviets. 


"Say, will this tank even penetrate those Soviet T-34's?"


The engineer replied in a grin. "Got that one solved. Yes, it does. And it can penetrate those IS tank from the side or even the front if you know where to aim. Just avoid getting shot is my best advice. So, where are you going next?"


"Manchuria. The Soviet-Manchuria border to be precise."

"May our God bless you. And you'll find some black paints over there. You'll need it."

"uhh, thanks."



We waited near the border, looking for activities at the Soviet side. But its obvious that they're not putting an effort to hide it. 


"Sir, they seem to be over confident with their army."

"Wish our army was like that. Kikkawa, drive toward the bush."

"Can't wait to test this gun. But can it really penetrate the IS on the lower glacis?"

"That's what the engineer said, Fujimoto. He was quite confident. hows the new radio equipment, Yoshida?"

"Better than the last one sir. Though, it takes up a lot of space."

"Okay. Our main forces will be on our left. Our role is to harass and piss them off as much as we can."


"Yes sir!" cried my crews in unison. 



2000 hours. Still no sign of any movement. 


"F*cking campers! At least do some cossack dance to entertain us!"

"Shut it, Yoshida."

"Sir! The enemy has started to move!"

"Right! Let the main force engage first. Then we flank hard. Roll out!"


Kikkawa put the gear on max and went full throttle, driving towards the most right end of the enemy tank regiment, a T-34. 


"Fujimoto! Make sure you finish them in one shot! Aim at the engine!"




fujimoto fires a shot into the side of T-34, igniting the fuel. The T-34 burst into flame. 


"Nice one!  Get the T-34 on your 2 o'clock!"




Fujimoto manages to finish 2 more T-34 before encountering an IS. Kikkawa stops the tank just in time to dodge a shell from IS. 


"Drive towards the rear of IS! It wont catch up to us with that traverse!"


Kikkawa skillfully drives the Chi Nu kai around the IS, allowing Fujimoto to slam the shell into the rear. 




IS engine burst into flame and stops. Yoshida finishes of the crews bailing out of the burning IS with a salvo of MG shots. 


"I think thats enough. Fall back."


We drove halfway through towards the bush when I hear Kikkawa scream. 


"What is it?"

"A.. A KV2! At 9 o'clock!"


KV2 shoot its massive 152mm Howitzer, only to miss us by 30m. It was clear that the KV2 hasn't seen us and is blind shooting. 


"I think it hasn't spotted us. So the black paint did come in handy. Drive to the side of KV2. Fujimoto, aim at the rear end of the side turret."


Kikkawa drives the tank and stops, facing toward the side of KV2. The look of fear quite visible on his face. 






The shell hits on the rear end of the side turret,  hitting the ammorack. The KV2 explodes in a huge ball of flame. 


"Let's fallback before you get a heartattack Kikkawa."


Kikkawa nods furiously and drives at full speed. 



After months of fighting in Manchuria, we were ordered to go back to Japan in preparation for the defence of the Homeland. But before that could happen, Japan surrendered. I was chatting to the engineer who brought some paints of red, white, and silver. 


"So its over huh. Guess we have to find a job from now on. The army is disbanded. So what are you going to do, now that you can't work in the Research Department?"

"Oh, I'll just find a job in a factory. I heard that they need some engineers in Tokyo. This place will be handed to the Americans."

"I doubt this tank will be in one piece. Was a piece of art."

"Oh it will be."

Looking puzzled, I stared at the engineer. "And why is that?"

"I heard that the Americans like ninjas. Why not paint some shurikens and red stripe on this tank? They will certainly take some photos and keep it as an exhibit."

"You never fail to amaze me Kawabata. Since our days in high school."

"And we should take a photo of it as a memory. And let's name it Shinobi."



I smiled.




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