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Clan Wars Asia, Trailer Video, Participants Needed

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brick_blaster132 #1 Posted 14 February 2018 - 03:19 AM


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Due to a lack of participation the CW-Asia trailer video filming has been moved back to the SG server and rescheduled for this Sunday NA time. We are in need of "Tank Actors" so we can film the video. 


If you want to participate in the video then please RSVP with me via in-game, Discord or forums PM/DM. (https://discord.gg/hRdVjCP this is the Discord server that will be used during filming)


Participants will have to be able to use Discord VC for coordination. 


Tanks of tier VII or higher will be preferred, but this is not required. However, tanks of tier IV or lower will not be eligible.


All participants will be listed at the end of the video.


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