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sweaty_shaft #1 Posted 22 January 2018 - 03:50 PM


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Clan Wars, a term that is well-recognized by almost all World of Tanks PC players. For them, Clan Wars is a place where they fight to conquer enemy territory, a battle for global supremacy, and also an event where they can earn mountains of gold and the rarest Tier X Clan Wars Reward Vehicles. Object 907, M60 and 121B are the famous examples of Clan Wars Reward Vehicles.


But in Blitz, all we get are simple Tournaments system, where we get eliminated after we lost a quick Best-of-three, so we can rarely improve ourselves if we are not that good in the first place and the timings for tournaments are pretty harsh to casual players a lot of the times a clan cannot participate just because they are not available at that timing.


The Council group of Clan Wars Asia, consists of players, which also includes a few experienced Tournament Players, have been working day after day, to come up with something similar to World of Tanks PCs Clan Wars Game Mode, to give our Blitz Players a whole new experience of clan battles, and whats better, is we also came up with mechanics that solves both of the issues mentioned above.


And with the help of the Council Team of Clan Wars North America, we are able to turn our ideas into reality, as they will be providing support to assist us in setting up the platform needed to make our job as easy as possible.



A whole new Clan Battle Experience


Our Council team has spent the last weeks on designing the game mode and mechanics, where the game mode will be interesting and fun to play. One of the main features of this Clan Wars game mode is that none of the battles is fixed in timings. The clans are responsible for declaring attacks on other clans, and also arranging the timing of battle between themselves, so they can fight with their desired opponents, at their most comfortable timing.


In this game mode, you will fight with other clans in the leaderboard to become the top of Asia Server! The leaderboard will record the scores off every clans that participate in Clan Wars Asia and in the end, the best scored clans will receive prizes that will be sponsored by Wargaming!


We have also implemented a turn-based system for this game mode, so regardless of your teams activeness, whether they are super active, or they are just casual players, will get equal chances of attacking your desired opponents, as an attempt to creating a level playing field where activeness (unless your team is super inactive) will not affect your chances of winning the Clan Wars.


Each attack and defend will gain you points/ lose points depending on the outcome of the battle. A Leaderboard system will be used to determine which team is the best amongst each group.


If you have lost your land in the fight, dont worry! You will not be eliminated at all. in fact, you have all the time you need to try to make a comeback until the end of the season! This rule is made so that weaker clans can learn from their own mistakes and loses, and they can try to improve themselves from those experiences, so in the end, even if they cant win they can still gain a lot of experiences in Team Play.



Detailed Information


We currently don't have a planned schedule, but we are going to make sure everything is decided soon! We are already gathering a list of clans that will be interested in participating the Clan Wars Pilot Season, and hope we can see your clan there as well!


As this is Pilot Season for Clan Wars Asia, we will limit all battles to be Tier X, 7 vs 7 and Supremacy game mode.

The entire season will last for 6 weeks, each week there will be 1 turn, teams will have to announce their attacks and defends on the first two days of the week (Monday and Tuesday to be exact), where the fight will take place any time that is decided between the teams.


As for prizes, we will be asking for Wargamings support on the prizes, and details about them will be announced once we obtain them.



If you are interested in joining the very first Clan Wars Season for World of Tanks Blitz Asia Server, Join our Official Discord Server right now! We will be releasing all the updates regarding Clan Wars Asia Server there, as well as a platform for all the clans within Asia Server to gather together in the same chat and chat with each other! Link to Discord Server: https://discord.gg/PQENYm8


Details about the game mode are also posted on the Discord Server! Make sure to read them and asks questions!

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hater_ind #2 Posted 22 January 2018 - 04:50 PM


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PKonBlitz_YouTuber #3 Posted 23 January 2018 - 04:17 PM

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Good Luck Team CLAN WARS ASIA! 

Good Luck Asian Players!

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