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Crashes in certain maps, texture loss, install failure

Error Bug Crash Texture Map Corrupt

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Roxzetto #1 Posted 21 January 2018 - 02:47 PM


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I know that many people had the same problem, especially those who plays blitz on mobile devices and most especially those who install it in SD Card.


This problem is pretty random in every installs, sometimes it doesnt happen at all (lucky for you). 


Okay, so lets get whining...

1. Crashes in certain maps, yep this happens to in most installs after the match loads and the battle is about to start, it crashes but my vehicle stays there AFK-ing till the end of the battle *i cant login until the battle ends*

This one is the most painful 'cuz players complaints me after that with their sharp words :)

2. Texture loss, some objects appears with strange cyan-pink colored squares, doesnt really bother me

3. File corruption, i guess u know this one

4. Can't extract properly, I REALLY HATE THIS BRUH. This may only happens to me, everytime its extracting (when installing the game) it freezes in certain precentage, and i have to repeat the process over and over, WHICH CAUSES PROBLEM NUMBER 1-3.


I really hope that you guys have the solution

Inclination for Iteration

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