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Resource Guide for New Players

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EH_Samarth #1 Posted 18 January 2018 - 01:31 PM


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Hello Everyone !

I’ve noticed recently that most of the new players don’t have access to resources or might not know resources to use , when playing blitz that would be helpful for them .Hence I’ve tried to create a resource guide that provides newer players with all the resources they need to learn the game as quickly and effectively as they can . I hope you find it helpful ! 


Map Inspectors 

Map inspectors allow you to see the maps from a birds eye view , they can be effective in showing players various parts of a map , effective routes for specific tanks and to create tactics for specific maps . There are three main websites for this . 


Map Inspector : It gives a 3d perspective of maps , unlike  any of the other options on this list  Link : https://itunes.apple...179760338?mt=8 


WG's own Map Guide : Surprisingly their is quite a comprehensive and useful 3d overview of every blitz map in WG's own website the link : http://wiki.wargamin.../en/Maps_(Blitz)#Middleburg



Tank Inspector 

This website called Armour Inspector allows players to see the armour profiles of tanks and see what the effective armour is when the tank is angled , side scraping , or the effective armour of its sloped upper glacis for example (Effective armour is different from just the values given in the game , since the armour of a tank can change based on the angle of the tank when it is facing a shot ) 


Link :http://wotinspector.com/en/webapp 

I don't use it myself but many people do like to , it's handy for those that want to know at which angle a tanks armour is most effective , where not to hit enemy tanks ,and places that can be penned by HE or HESH for greater damage .  



Statistics basically means , information about tanks and comparisions between tanks which include their winrates , their dpm , their armour profiles and the effect each equipment piece has on the tank .

Main : BlitzStars (https://www.blitzstars.com/ )

  • Essentially the main stats website , it not only features tank compare stats which can be immensely useful for people grinding lines , but also how you compare to other players in terms of your skill , with a WN8 and WN7 rating given to you , describing your level of gameplay .

Alternative : Cellbrock.net (http://cellbrock.net/blitz/ )

  • Cellbrock.net is a Japanese statistics website , and its calculations vary from blitzstars in some aspects . The features are also a little different , with tournament information being found as well as statistics . The tank feature isn’t present but besides tht ultimately it comes to what you prefer in presentation ,with both websites displaying very helpful statistics regarding tanks  and tiers .


Youtuber Links

These guys are blitz youtubers who are experienced , and most of them have played blitz during its earliest days . They have helpful guides on tank lines , new tank information and guides on how to learn certain techniques

Bushka on Blitz ( Link : https://www.youtube....wzLfclPohwNCPBg)

  • Perhaps the most famous and most humorous blitz yotuber is bushka , He has guides , tournament gameplay and practically everything from line guides to platoon guides .


Sk8xtrm (Link : https://www.youtube....Bruljg/featured)

  • Another great blitz player , Sk8 has guides , as well as previews including Mastery gameplays and the like .


48ton_ruckus (Link : https://www.youtube....ser/48tonruckus)

  • Unfortunately ruckus doesn’t play blitz anymore , but when he did , he perhaps was the most natural blitz player I’d ever seen .
  • His videos show the art of playing tanks without requiring premium ammunition to often .
  • While his videos are old , they still show effective ways to use tanks without having to spend premium ammunition


Unkindest (Link: https://www.youtube....uaCxTZ-IArBCJEQ )

  • My personal favourite due to his funny streams , unkindest in my opinion has the best carry guides , he frequently uploads videos showing how to win games in 3vs1 situations or other similar scenarios .


Yellowcab (Link : https://www.youtube....user/Hadegreece )

  • Unless you understand Korean , yellowcabs gameplay will be one which you look at to understand , If you do understand Korean , he does describe how he handles situations and what his thought process is during games . Personally I just looked at his gameplay to just see how he used tanks and hence took what I found applicable to me .


Now these guys are by no means the only youtubers or perhaps even the best but in my opionion and experience these guys were who I used to understand the mechanics of the game and still do use to continuously learn new things from .


Honourable Mentions

Air_Kyabin : Again Like Yellowcab I watched his gameplay to learn rather than listening to his thought process , he has commentary in both Japanese and Chinese .

Link : https://www.youtube....Q7GckVjlsTxXCNA

Anggael : Serious Gameplay not for ? Need something funny , interesting perhaps ? Well then this is the right channel for you . Featuring Both quality gameplay along with hilarious gameplay . He’s for those that want a little bit more relaxed approach . I really like his content.

Link : https://www.youtube....dxtOKQ/featured

Martin Dogger : His videos of grinding entire lines from the very beginning along with gameplay of that , will prove to be quite useful for newer players , with quality commentary and live streaming.

Link : https://www.youtube....inDogger/videos



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Neb10k #2 Posted 06 February 2018 - 09:28 AM


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Nice addition to forum, thanks


Blitzhangar is useful.

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