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Blitz Fair Is Really Fair or Not?

pk on blitz blitz fair

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PKonBlitz_YouTuber #1 Posted 29 December 2017 - 10:29 PM

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Hello, Dear Tank Commanders!


I am Blitz YouTuber, and I Am representing a Small community of over 2K People as they are my Subscribers. So, there was a need for such kind of poll for you guys to express your feelings about Blitz fair! I will be helping you guys to empower your voice and I will try to convey the message of you guys about this Blitz fair to WarGaming.


In this way, we will be helping WarGaming and will be giving them our suggestions because we are the one who is playing and enjoying WoT Blitz so it's very important for us to give Suggestions to WarGaming about what we want!


So, Dear Tank Commanders!

Your Suggestions is valued, your ideas will improve future events! Everything is helpful! So Come and Join this YouTube pool, leave your Suggestions and also:


Click on LIKE Button if You Think Blitz Fair is LEGIT and Fair-

Click on DISLIKE Button if You think it's Not fair-






I just expressed my thoughts about this fair in this video, on the behalf of my research on this Blitz Fair. Your views can be different, so make sure to write a comment.


Also, ABUSIVE or Hate Comments to WG will be reported. So, please be responsible and just give your honest review.

We are here because we love WoT Blitz as well as WarGaming! 

So Always Love them, these suggestions will be helping them to make us happier! <3


Best Regards!

PK On Blitz



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Nova_Spirit #2 Posted 30 December 2017 - 09:30 AM

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8-7 days left

Only able to get 3 rewards accomplished and you need to unlock the rest to unlock the last 65 tickets

I am sure you can't complete the event without using gold

erwin10001 #3 Posted 02 January 2018 - 12:05 AM

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fair / unfair doesn't seem very specific.


the point to note is that compared to last years' blitz fair, it seems that WG has reduced the drop rates (if you check previous the Blitz fair, there number of drops seemed large enough for users to compile a spreadsheet of drop rates _> http://forum.wotblit...t-odds-polling/). 


Since they don't have to publish the drop rates, they can simply keep quiet about it. to me thats where the unfairness comes in - changes are made to the drop rates but WG doesn't inform the participants.


All this leads to the conclusion that for 2018 events, the drop rates are going to be lower than the previous years.


Furthermore, to get around Apple's requirement that drop rates be published for chests that cost money, WG will no longer be able to offer legendary chests for money but will come up with some complicated event to get around this requirement.




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