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Cromwell B Lore

Comwell Lore Crombie

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xXYoloNoobSwagXx #1 Posted 25 December 2017 - 02:24 PM


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Cromwell B Lore


1944. After the campaign in the scorching sea of sand and the Italian resort...  I mean the brutal italian campaign, we the Desert Rats are stationed back in Britain in preparation for the liberation of the France. Well, they always need help in everything right? They always do. The civilians always do better than the army. Because their army goes overseas to flirt around and eat good food. No wonder why Churchill and De Gaule are on bad terms. I think. 


Anyways, it's good to see that we're preparing for a huge operation. Time to butt poke the Germans and piss them off. Love doing that. But one thing does concern me, is the Royal Tiger. Hope I don't encounter one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pessimist or German loving brit. Just that, our tanks are utterly sh*t. Covenant with the poop poop cannon, crusader no better, and Churchill. Yes,  Churchill is a good tank. But not great. It's f*cking slow like grandma having a tea time, chatting for all she cares! The only good thing is climbing, which any old lady would do! Don't tell my grandma about this, or she'll beat me half dead. 


"Oi, Cpl. Bashford! Tell the others to drop at the briefing room by 1000!"

"Will do sir!"


That's my commander. Cpt. 'Headmaster' Johann. Came from Germany to escape from prosecution. The only thing on his mind is to blow up as many Jerry as he can. I know you want to say 'Oh captain, my captain.' Don't say it in front of him. He doesn't understand what jokes mean. I guess the German characteristics are in him. Yes, he is strict on schedule, so I better get moving. 


"Lt. Munro! We need to drop by at the briefing room at 1000! Orders from the Commander sir! "

"Thanks Lawrence. Get going guys! We don't want our Captain to rant like a German! Really nasty that."


That is our gunner, Lt. 'Jacka*s' Munro. Never misses his shot. His secret? A shot of scotch whiskey per shot. Thats his rule. Always gets hangover after the mission. Always. 


Our loader and radio operator is the tall Londoner. 2nd Lt. 'Baron' Lawrence. Came from high class family. A strange fellow who wanted to experience the front the other high class wanted to avoid. Always pisses off everyone, including the HQ with his posh accent. A strange fellow indeed. 


And lastly, our front gunner. Sgt. 'Fuse' Campbell. A reliable front gunner with talents in situational awareness, and instinct. But like a fuse, he is either patient or in a mine mode. 


So thats our crew. To cut a long story short, we're a bunch of f*ck it all kind of crew. 



We all sit in the briefing room, waiting for 'Headmaster' to start. 


"Lads, we're picked to test out a new tank. It may be a piece of junk or an art."

"Hooray! About f*cking time those rusting brass gave us one!"

"Shut it Sgt. Campbell."

"Sorry sir."

"It's not a ToG II. The brass finally gave that hot dachshund up. Its a medium tank. Yes Lawrence?"

"Will be similar to those Covenant or crusader tanks?"

"No. And just try not to use those posh accent in front of me. The tank is waiting for us at the Training Ground. I know you all want to take a look at it, so let's get going."



"What the f*ck is that?!"

"A boxy Crusader Campbell. They call it Cromwell."

"I'm not sure it deserves to be named after Oliver Cromwell sir."

"Well, Cpl. Bashford, just drive it like you would in a Crusader."

"Will do sir. But da*n, the effective armor must be the same as Crusader."

"Hold your tongue Campbell. At least the gun is better than the near extinct Christian knight."

"The gun does seem better than the Crusader. But the question I'd say is, will it penetrate the Tigers?"

It can penetrate it to some degree Lawrence. Well, time to go on a mission with this boys."



D-Day +6. After crossing Odon River, we are to capture Évrecy and Hill 112. So far so good. The ride is smooth in Cromwell. Starting to like this tank. 


"Enemy tank spotted!" Shouted the 'Headmaster'. "Do you see them Munro?"

"I see them alright sir. Bashford, make sure to keep moving. I don't want to die yet!"

"No worries! I'll just flank them like usual!"

"Good. Cause I want to try the bed in Germany." Smiled the 'Jacka*s.

"They seem to be bunched up towards our left. 5 tanks and one of them is a Royal Tiger!" Shouted 'Fuse'. His instinct and situational awareness never fails us.

'Headmaster' tapped 'Baron' on the shoulder.

"Tell the other boys to finish off those pesky Pz MK IV Lawrence."

"Will do sir."

"And for Gods sake, stop with that posh accent. You can do it after we finish this bloody war!"

"Will try sir!"

"Right. Let's show them what we're made of."



After finishing off those pesky Pz MK IV, only the Royal Tiger remains. 


"Lawrence! Tell the other two to do a pincer movement! And make sure to aim at its drivetrain!"


"And Bashford, drive us into the forest over there and pretend were running away. And stop 50m into the forest."

"Understood sir."



'Fuse' was starting to get irritated waiting for 'Headmaster' to give us a command.


"Sir, can we just f*cking go now? We should have finished that Royal Tiger already!"

"Steady now Campbell. Why not have a bit of fun? These chances never come by so easily."

"Well, f*ck. Excuse my french, sir. But what do you mean by 'fun'?" Said the 'Baron', rolling his eyes.

'Headmaster' smirked.

"You'll find out soon Lawrence."


As soon as he said that, 'Fuse' shouted a bit excitedly.


"They got both sides sir!"

"Right! Bashford, full speed to the Royal Tiger's rear!"


I put the gear on max and went straight on. Within seconds, we're going full speed.


"Munro, prepare to fire at the rear."

"Always ready sir."

"On my mark..."


As soon as I drove out of the forest, I realised that the place we came out of had a small ramp. And soon enough, we're in the air.


"Woohoo! Ready... Fire!"


As Munro aimed his sight, he fired a shot into the engine. And it was while we're in the air.




As we landed, Royal Tiger's engine burst into flame with not a single crew coming out.


"Now that's what I call having fun!" Shouted 'Headmaster'


We all laughed. We all opened our hatches and drove on.



As we drove through the forest, an American squad hitchhiked us.


"Hey boys, care to carry us near Villes Bocage? Our first stop along the way to Berlin."


Our 'Headmaster' smiled.


"Sure, Cromwell Berlin on the way to Berlin. Care for a ride?"

"Thanks Captain. Oh, by the way, you should paint the circled star. Our air boys are useless and blind as f*ck."

"Advice taken. Lets go lads!"


Onwards! To Berlin!




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Arakasy #2 Posted 06 January 2018 - 07:56 AM


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Nice backstory there Yolo :)

you have nice skills.

ZIGZAGZ #3 Posted 14 February 2019 - 03:24 AM


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Pretty good read. How'd you even get all the landmarks right.

Also tagged with Comwell, Lore, Crombie

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