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Jageru's surprisingly good actually

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GoBack2Tier1 #1 Posted 16 December 2017 - 05:29 AM

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Ever heard of what happens when you put a tank destroyer gun on a heavy tank but at the cost of removing the turret completely?


This thing is an absolute beast of a Heavy Tank (I'm not calling it a TD, it's far from what WG is classifying it as). Has a better armour profile than it's also capable sister, the E-100 and  a whopping 170mm doomcannon that only needs to sneeze to kill a batchat. Without equipment, I was expecting it to suck. And it did suck... because it needed gun handling in order to work. But, when fitted in with a deadly combo of GLD, Vstab and rammer, the thing turns from a brick wall to a brick wall with a long, angry naval cannon ready to unload at any unlucky [edited] that tries to run away from it. However, with the utter amount of trash players filling up the weekends at the moment, I really wouldn't recommend running this without a buddy in a heavy tank. 


Can it snipe?

It can but why would you snipe in a tank that has a lot of frontline potential? 


Can it block a whole flank?

Of course it can, it's an E-100 2.0! It's big, its mean, it's heavy and ready spit on faces with it's monstrous ammo.


What are the issues of driving this tank?

Aside from teammates that are as useful as ashtrays on bicycles, it gets flanked easily and plebium ammo gets through it easily and it's a tricky tank to play well if you have no idea on what it does


Would I recommend it as a first tier X?

Erm... no. This is a very tricky tank and it's not as straightforward as some of its peers. Although, for German heavy drivers, this tank will definitely be enjoyed by that particular crowd.




Enjoyable tank to play, a beast in it's own right. It's prepared to chew up shells and spit out even bigger ones. A capable E-100 driver would love this thing as it performs exactly like one. 


Yes I am one of the most toxic players I know of out there


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