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mass attack, computer targeting player movement

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PEEK_a_B00M #21 Posted 05 February 2018 - 01:59 AM


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View PostGandalf_Greyhame, on 19 December 2017 - 02:55 PM, said:

Hey, motokami. I thought I was done commenting on the forums (that can be as hostile and unpleasant as in-game abuse, as you’ve discovered, but handled admirably) but what you said resonated with me. 


Firstly, know this - it is nigh on impossible to never have someone rant at you, ever. Even if you carry a battle, there can be some guy who feels he should have had one or more of the kills you got or that you should have gone his way, etc. I can tell that you know this but it’s worth remembering as playing to please the player base is futile. 


One of the favourite slurs is “go back to tier 1” or something similar. Well, I did play a LOT in tier 1 when my son and I started playing this game and I did learn to play there before moving up and I advanced gradually. Of course, if you play there too much then you are a seal-clubber so, if you do care about what people think, you need to find the balance. Personally, I don’t care that much these days. If I think I am capable of contributing more than the average player in my team, then I am happy to play in that tier. If I feel I am worse than average, I stay away. So I almost never play above tier 8 and very seldom above tier 6. 


You really can learn and improve by playing lower tiers. Some think it’s bad because the gameplay is different in higher tiers but, honestly, I find that up until tier 8 at least you will find plenty of bad players. It’s not that they aren’t there, it’s just that I don’t want to be one of them. I try to build the skills to play well enough  in the next tier that I can learn there without being a burden to my team.


However, even though I do get frustrated by poor players on my team, this is a freaking video game and if you don’t mind what people think then go for it. You don’t owe it to anyone to change your play style. You are not employed by these people. You can yolo all you want even though it will annoy some players (myself included). Even when I am annoyed because I needed to win 3 in a row and, on the 3rd battle, last win required, half my team is dead in the first minute, I do know that my teammates are under no obligation to perform. The game rules prohibit unfair play but they most certainly do not prohibit inexperienced and/or bad play. I have ranted like the best of them but I always feel lousy afterwards because, again, it’s a game, and they could be 8 years old / impaired somehow / old and slow (like me) - who knows?


Credit to you for taking the comments here so well. If you want to get better without annoying too many players along the way, hit those lower tiers where mistakes are less costly, in general. It can still be fun down there. Just don’t stay too long if your average tier rating bothers you. :) 


Word ^^^^^^.  Im old and slow. I was 5000 games deep, had a terrible WR, low 40’s, was even in 30s at one point. I rushed up the tank lines, I rushed forward in battles because no one else would engage, I got abused, I blamed other players, I did stupid things, I got killed, early, every game, I lost and I lost and I lost. I didn’t care about WR. But suddenly I realised I was no good and that I did care. Then I found the kv1, and things changed. I learnt how to play it properly (well, better than previous tanks), someone actually took the time to nicely comment to me to learn how to play the tank, hull down, sidescraping, hide lower glacis etc, I suddenly had a WR in a tank above the fabled 50%. I got 7 kills in a game. I stood alone, on low health, against 3 enemy tanks on high health and I won. And I thought, wow, there’s more to this game than I thought. I starting only playing in tanks that I had a high WR in and no surprises there, I started playing better and my WR went up. I humbly went back to tier 1 and started again. Seal clubbing is fun for a while, but it also teaches you a lot about game play. I watched videos on YouTube (thank you Bushka!), I learnt how to play each tank, what they are capable of, what their limitations are, what their vulnerabilities are (handy to know when those tanks are your enemy too). I learnt how to play lights meds and heavies, their roles. I learnt tactics. I learnt tricks. I learnt to analyse the team make ups and act accordingly, on each map. I learnt when to run, when to hold, when to call focus fire and on who. Which tanks to eliminate first. When to change tactics when there’s a stalemate or your team is getting picked apart. When to flank and attack rear. Disrupt. Distract. I learnt that if your team doesn’t want to follow you, even when you know your right that it’s just stupid to go alone, always try to have at least one back up. I learnt that I’m not always right, and that the right decision can also be the wrong decision and vice versa. We’re not playing with or against robots (unless you count the NK7 bot clan) so things sometimes go awry, I learnt when to direct the play and when to follow the lead of others. I learnt to watch the mini map constantly, watch greens and reds constantly, count numbers, monitor the state of play and change tactic accordingly. I learnt never to assume. I found a platoon mate I could trust. I’m now at 12,000 games. My WR is steadily increasing, 0.01% for every three wins. I’m now on my way to a 52% overall WR (you do the maths on what my current WR is since I was at 5000 games, blizstars currently says 55%, at one point it was 70%) with a number of vehicles in the 60-70% WR range. Most importantly im aware of my own limitations (at least I think I am lol), im only an very average player, I’m older and my reaction time is slower, so I roll with that (mind you it’s a hell of a lot faster than it used to be), I’m also still learning all of the above, honing the skills and knowledge, progressing slowly up the tank lines to higher tiers again, playing 50 games in a tank instead of 10, I’m still having fun and I don’t get abused any more. It’s that simple

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Motokami, a fair time has passed since you first posted, and a lot of input from forum as to how to play the game.
Any feed back on how you are going now, any improvement etc.
I liked the feed back about the tank styles myself. when I first started I worked for the fastest tank (in the stats) and raced out solo to spot others because it was fun, and I could beat them :) Much later on, I realised I was then spending less time playing the game, with less hit points etc, because I was first one killed, (slow learner) That's when I went to Meds and heavies to change style and speed, and enjoyed the game better.
Now all I need to do is find the equivalent of a DW2 for tier 6, 7, and 8 :)

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