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A Great Tank that I don't understand: Object 263

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Object 263's Opinion

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_DerpyBaguette_ #1 Posted 05 October 2017 - 11:35 AM

    HESH Hater

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Object 263...


Yesterday, I watched Lacho WoT Replays in YouTube. I clicked on a video featuring Object 263 in (Winter) Himmelsdorf. This player who drove this tank racked up to almost 9.5k dmg and I could say he's a unicum. This player also took advantage about the speed and its trollish armor and the impressive gun. He hid the Object 263's lower glacis plate and managed to block a lot of dmg. All I could say about this player's play style of this tank was use it as a front line tank. He managed to hide his hull behind a small obstacle and managed to block dmg until the IS-7 decided to use HE to attack this tank (only causing about 100 dmg) All I saw was this guy used this as a front line heavy (like a turret less IS-7) and win the match...


However, this is Wot Blitz Forum not Wot Forum. I want to ask about which soviet line that I should grind... the troll armor, maneuverable, and good guns (Object 263) or the good armor, great guns, and hold the chassis of soviet heavies. I also would like to ask how to play this tank effectively. Right now, I've been thinking about grinding both of the Soviet TD line. This tank has a very similar play style to SU-101, great pen, about 400-500 dmg, great armor, and great maneuverability. Plz list down how to play this tank line effectively...  :P

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