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Isn't Hetzer too OP?

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ARandomSoldier #21 Posted 06 January 2018 - 05:37 PM


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I can confidently say NO and NO and NO. It is so important that I have to say "NO" for three times. As a player, it is so easy to overestimate this tank because it has a reputation of "unpenetrable frontal armor" and "marvelous gun". People also forgot that this tank cannot really angle and has a pretty weak rear armor penetrable by HE rounds. I, driving as a T-28, does not find Hetzer to be much of a threat. Angling this tank would expose the weak side armor. Besides, do not forget its lower glacis is a bit weak too. Gun is ok but it has a long reload time. It also falls short when it comes to deal with tanks circling around you because you don't have a turret. I almost successfully killed a Hetzer in a Pz. III A by circling it before that Hetzer was smart enough to ram against a wall with its rear. I may have to agree with people here that it once was great before because when I first started this game (I was really terrible when I first played this game in my Asia account), I fear Hetzers a lot.

terrythefrog #22 Posted 26 January 2019 - 03:25 PM


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Date lol, Derp gun gone in update, HE magnet for sides and rear, front armour only good at tier 4 and 3, lower plate EZ to pen, ammo racc is EZ,  so no, no , no, no, no , no

anonym_raatTVkdSCjH #23 Posted 27 January 2019 - 08:40 PM

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Nothing from tiers 1-4 are even worth playing. I have only 4 tier 4’s nothing below. I hate all 4 of them.
As for Hetzer it is easy to take out.

__Grifter__ #24 Posted 28 January 2019 - 05:57 AM

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At same tier the Hetzer in good hands can be a formidable foe but as long as you respect its strengths while working on its weaknesses, you should not have too much trouble.  

No_Life_boy #25 Posted 29 January 2019 - 05:15 AM


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View Post_DerpyBaguette_, on 17 September 2017 - 08:46 AM, said:

Hey guys,


Is it just me, or that Hetzer is too op???

Traverse speed is ok, front armor is troll, and able to equip the DERP Gun

For me, I keep Hetzer in my garage to make $$$

Plz give some comments



​early game you should stay behind the front line because of your bad reload. if you are too cocky, they will circle you and kill you after you shoot and game over. 

always try to use slight inclines to back into to uncrease your armor effectiveness. never angle your tank because side armor is trash. engaging Heavy targets should not be a problem with the 75mm gun you have


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