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The military system is pointless and discouraging players.

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LykanMC #1 Posted 22 July 2017 - 08:58 AM


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Hi all,

For those good player and afkers, if they get complaints or praises and it gets resetted after about 1 week, what is the whole point of it?

Also, most people would not bother to praise someone who has carried the team, sometimes they even get complaints because of them being jealous. But complaints? Definitely. Complaints start rolling in immediately. So an average player who carries games but seldomly speaks hard language would get more complaints. Because of the hard language.

I have a friend (WOSHIJAY) know him personally, polite and carries alot (just have a look at his stats) and he is at 4200 rank. Guess what? Undisciplined. At a 10:4 ratio. 2 of the complaints were even inactivity. This could be very discouraging. Meanwhile, another player who pushed me to the open to get more damage in a already losing match has 5 stars??


Here are some suggestions

1. Let the client check if the player is really afk (distanced moved, hit ratio (in case of bots) and damage) before giving the "Inactivity in battle" conplaint.

2. Give more praises and complaints per day but decrease their effectiveness (how much they affect the receiving players military honor) so the players would actually vote for a game like carry games.


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