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Newbie Asking For Educational Fun

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GreenFace #1 Posted 19 June 2017 - 02:53 AM


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Yup, I'm a newbie. Only started for about a week now. Done elite-ing all of my tier 1 and 2 tanks, and some of my tier 3. Usually sell the tanks I've done elite-ing.


Is there anyone who likes to learn anything WITH me on tier 1-3 tanks? Notice it's WITH, not FROM, because I don't have anything to teach :D . If you like, just add GreenFace in Blitz.


Oh btw, my usual gaming time is from 10.00 pm to about 6.00 am (GMT/UTC +7). So, if you like, just add me in game, and let me know that you're from this forum.


Looking forward to have fun with ya


"Yup, I'm a noob, and I'm proud of it"


"A good ROTFFL moment is when someone shout that I'm noob, but in the end of battle, I have the better result than him/her... Well, to put it in a good manner way: EAT THAT, B*TCH :D "

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