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AMX 50 B underpowered

Buff pls

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S4ad12 #1 Posted 18 June 2017 - 10:06 PM


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As many players when the amx 50 b line was released, i started grinding it. But after the recent nerf it became one of the weakest tier 10 tank with the least dpm. So i just stopped at the amx 50 100.

Comparing it to t57 heavy it was balanced as t57 had shorter clip reload but longer shot reload and it had a little more armour than amx 50 b and the amx 50 b had longer clip reload and shorter reload between shots and more speed for paper armour.

I compared the two tanks on blitz stars. Other things t57 had was more pen, lesser aim time, and more traverse(i thought amx had more?) BEFORE the update. With that add more dpm and more armour. Well, all amx 50 b has more now is better elevation/depression, speed, 2% better credit coefficient, 100 more hp and other minor pros. It had a bit better dpm before 3.3 second nerf. I ask you, how, how did you not see this? I kindly ask you to consider buffing it in the future. Thanks!

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